What to do When You’re Attacked on All Sides: A Message for the Clay Jars

Since the inauguration of this country’s 45th president, I’m noticing edges of what may be a disturbing new trend: friends in the resistance movement sometimes turning on each other. I fear this is a symptom of a much deeper systemic problem. How should we respond? Drawing on 2 Corinthians Chapter 4, this is a message for the “clay jars.” [Read more…]

Climate March: What Can A Person of Faith Do About Climate Change?

If you are a person of faith, you bring a much needed religious perspective to the climate change resistance movement. As millions take part in the Climate March, here are some action steps for people of faith. [Read more…]

Is Earth Worth Dying For? A Reflection on the Earth Martyrs

The faithfulness of the Earth Martyrs shows us that because Earth is worth dying for, we now know what is worth living for. [Read more…]

Religion and Science Can be Besties!: It’s Time for New Friendships

As citizens take part in the March for Science, I hope Christians will make it a point to take selfies with scientists. It’s time for the suspicion and antagonism to end, and new friendships to begin! [Read more…]

Six Children’s Sermon Ideas for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up and you need a children’s sermon for the worship service. How can you engage kids to help them grow in their faith and their love of God’s Creation? Here are five quick and easy ideas for a Creation-care children’s moment. [Read more…]

Hymn for Earth Day: “Earth and All Kin”

A hymn for Earth Day (or any Sunday!) that captures the creation story of Genesis Chapter 1. Notice how the lyrics reflect the progression of creation (and evolution, for that matter) in the Genesis story. [Read more…]

Falling Off the Bike: A Sermon for Earth Day

For this Earth Day sermon, an 11-year-old’s ill-fated bike ride offers valuable lessons for this time of ecological crisis. [Read more…]

Why I’m Not Just Preaching About Earth on Earth Day

When I was a pastor I would place a pot of soil, a watering can, and a basket of seeds on the altar and invite the children to help me bless them. We would invite congregants to bring their garden tools and gloves, wheelbarrows, and even tractors to church, and we would process outside and ask for God’s blessings on our labors for and with the earth. Everyone would choose a packet of seeds from the basket and depart with the promise of spring and new life—and with the satisfaction that we had done our part for God’s Creation. These rituals of Creation care are right and salutary. But they’re not going to cut the mustard this year. [Read more…]

Harnessing “The Butterfly Effect”: A Joint Book Review

Two books help us understand the interconnectedness of our consumption patterns, economic structures, and cultural habits and their unintended consequences, such as poverty, climate refugees, and species extinction. They also provide strategies of hope and narratives of action. [Read more…]

Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect: Why Easter Still Matters

Easter butterfly-and-cross images can feel trite in the face of escalating military and ecological unrest. But that’s exactly why it’s time to reclaim the Easter butterfly. [Read more…]