Icons of Incarnation: Reading the Annunciation in Art

Because March 25 fell on a Sunday this year, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Annunciation today. In England, March 25--Lady Day--was also New Year's Day, right up until 1752 when the Gregorian calendar was adopted. How appropriate to celebrate both the beginning of our salvation and the new beginning of the wheel of the year as spring seedlings were bursting into bloom!I love the iconography of the Annunciation, which is one of the most frequently pictured scriptural events outside of … [Read more...]

Empty Pews: More Reasons

Rather than update my already-long post from Wednesday, here's another take on reasons why Catholics leave the Church. The Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey, has released the results of a survey of disaffected Catholics, and the reasons given for leaving--while no surprise--are interesting in the ways in which they overlap, and the ways in which they don't, Rachel Held Evans's list of reasons why evangelical Christians leave their churches and the Catholics Come Home organization's list of reasons … [Read more...]

Shake the Dust or Drink the Kool-Aid? Reasons to Leave, Reasons to Stay in Church

I'm reasoning about reasons today.A friend, a spiritual director who works with disaffected believers from a number of faith traditions but is herself a Catholic of what I call the John23 generation, posted a Facebook link this morning to a piece by Rachel Held Evans entitled 15 Reasons Why I Left Church. My friend wanted to know whether these reasons resonated with Catholics of our generation. My own impression is that many of the complaints Held Evans shares are truer of the evangelical or … [Read more...]