Bacon and Butter and Bathtub Beer: Why the Church Needs St Brigid, Bad

UPDATE: It's Lá Fhéile Bríde, the Feast of Brigid, and last year's post is no less true today: She's the patroness of women (especially "fallen" ones), poets, Ireland, and beer, among many, many other wonderful things. She had the ability to multiply butter and bacon. She was Chiara to St Patrick's Francesco. As an abbess she had jurisdiction over a double monastery of men and women, a center of learning and culture that kept the perpetual light of knowledge burning through ages that … [Read more...]

Sometimes Faith Is a Walk in the Park

I really didn't mean to keep writing about the HHS mandate and the reaction it is provoking among U.S. Catholics. The coverage is thorough and thought-provoking, from all around the Catholic blogosphere and points beyond. Elizabeth Scalia, at First Things, underlines the most fascinating (and encouraging) aspect of the reaction to me: the way Catholics on every point along the political spectrum are taking up this fight, and standing in support of our beleaguered Bishops' Conference, which on … [Read more...]

It’s Not the Contraceptives, Stupid–UPDATED

Important updates to a continuing story.At the Patheos Catholic Portal, Sr Mary Ann Walsh, Media Secretary for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, lays out the legal case.Deacon Greg Kandra picks up a New York Times piece on the implications of the ruling for Catholic colleges.A post from Look in the Mirror shares a patriot's sense of betrayal and includes a good roundup of reactions to the ruling from Church leaders.At Why I Am Catholic, Frank Weathers dares … [Read more...]