Keep Calm and Catholic On

 There will be lots of heat burning up the interwebz regarding today's SCOTUS decisions in Windsor and Perry. Knowing that Supreme Court decisions are never what their most avid proponents or their most ardent opponents think they are, I'm waiting till the dust settles and looking for sources of light---calm, reasoned reflection---in the meantime.The Catholic Telegraph of the Cincinnati Archdiocese is in early with clarity and hope. Neither decision will have the effect of … [Read more...]

Anticipating Heaven

After listening to (and participating in, God help me) the dissonant chorus of response to this morning's Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act for 6 hours, I need to go Somewhere Completely Else. It's my contention---though I've been called today, so far, morally reprehensible, ignorant, a socialist, and a cricket(!) for holding to it---that the ship of state and the barque of Peter are in no worse state now than before the decision came down, and that Chief Justice Roberts, writing … [Read more...]

Split Decisions

 First up, thanks for all the support from my sisters and brothers in Invidia Anonymous. My post the other day flipped a light switch and revealed just how capacious and densely populated the Envy Closet is. Once one of us came out, the whole clattering mess followed, like the contents of Fibber McGee's cupboard (a reference only boomers will recognize from their parents' stories of radio days; the rest of you can Google it). Turns out Dean Martin (Google him, too) was only partially … [Read more...]