Gentle Happiness

The world is hurting, but we cannot always be looking outward. I have hurts, death in my family, assorted failures, but I cannot always be looking inward. Instead, following the example of Jesus, I try to go apart. Sometimes the cares follow me, as they did Jesus, but often I can stop and rest. Just now, [Read More...]

Defying our Experience

I keep a prayer journal ever since JP Moreland, philosopher and mentor, pointed out it was good to keep track of what you prayed in the past so you can see what God had done in the present. There is a pattern to life in Jesus Christ, but we can lose the flow of His actions in the day-to-day. Our [Read More...]

Why Do Smart Atheists Believe Dumb Things?

At any point when I engage with village atheists (not professional philosophers) my students will often respond: what is wrong with these people? A simple way to get philosophy students who are religious to relax about “all powerful” atheists is to have them attempt dialogue with Internet (or village) atheists. It goes about as well [Read More...]

We are not Sims: We are Free

When I was younger, I loved playing “simulation” games. You could pretend to build an empire, a city, or an entire civilization. A Saturday could vanish before my screen as I raised my civilization “New Byzantium” to prominence. If you wished to build a new entertainment center for your amusement starved citizens, you simply used [Read More...]

Thank God

“Isn’t God narcissistic? If I don’t praise Him, I go to Hell.” This is a profanity free summary of a discussion I had with an atheist. I get what he was saying and my Sunday School kid self had the same worry. That is when the holidays came to my rescue. Thanksgiving is one of [Read More...]

Can you be moral without God?

God might be helpful in living a moral life by telling you when you are making moral mistakes for example, but is He necessary? [Read more...]

Money is Made: Running for President and Making Christian Movies

Why do hopeless candidates run for President? For some, it is obviously ego. Ever since they became Parks and Recreation director in Schenectady, they have heard “Hail to the Chief” in their minds. Others have discerned a unique business opportunity: if you can convince even a tiny niche of a party that you will be [Read More...]

I know God exists.

It is an odd thing to be called on to defend something you think you know. It is disturbing at first, because it makes you simultaneously wonder about your own mental clarity and that of your questioner. Why would he ask such a question? Isn’t the truth of the matter obvious? Unfortunately, there are few [Read More...]

If I Should Die Before I Wake . . .

Once when holding a child that had died, I prayed for the child, for my wife, and for my own pain. Edmund St John Reynolds was dead and remained dead. Hope and I kept hurting, but prayer worked. My prayers for my baby boy were answered with a “not yet.” He did not live as [Read More...]

Don’t Just Trust Theists: Five Characteristics of Regimes That Will Go Bad

History shows that there has never been an atheist# regime that was not horrific. There have been and are dominantly theistic regimes that are good places to live relative to the times. This is a pragmatic reason to worry about atheist# regimes. Such worry, and the fact that theism has been successful in creating decent [Read More...]