Grace Lee: She Taught Me To See

Grace Lee Whitney, actor and Star Trek star, is dead. She was eighty-five . . . older than my Mom and older than my Dad. I did not know her, but I hear she had a hard life. The ugly side of the industry that breaks the laws of God in order to commoditize sex [Read More...]

Appreciating Commercials: With a Shout Out to Kim Gaynor

I can hear it coming. There is a branch of religion and irreligion that worries that somewhere, someplace, somebody is having a good time. This good time must be suspect as good times always are and so jeremiads follow. Super Bowl parties, the Super Bowl, football, and Doritos will all be condemned by the same [Read More...]

To Hollywood with Love

The Oscars substituted vulgarity for wit and disappointed expectant vulgarians with cut-rate vulgarisms. Oscar assaulted morality, perfectly acceptable, but it also attacked liberal pieties proving once again that establishment Hollywood is not liberal, but libertine. Sites that would never point out the host was no gentleman are happy to point out he was misogynistic. The [Read More...]

True Love and Mozart

The Abduction from the Seraglio is Mozart’s message to America in the person of Constanze. I know nothing of this opera save that Constanze, a powerful woman, stands in the middle of it. Abducted by Turks of the sort that only exist in the Viennese opera, she stays true to her beloved, a man she [Read More...]

On the Magic Flute

Magic Flute is mad beauty, but so beautiful that beauty is almost enough. The story is a mash up of Free Masonry, Enlightenment religion, and every bad holdover of Medieval Catholicism with no virtues. If it makes sense, it is simply by pure eroticism leading to love. There is a magic flute, but the hero [Read More...]

And so it goes. . .

And so it goes. If a person or idea dies in Slaughterhouse Five, the Ecclesiastes of novels, Kurt Vonnegut includes this phrase. And it is perfect for the experience of Dresden. I read the novel as I walked the town and lived in both the glorious past, the horrible past, the redeemed present, and the [Read More...]

Pergamum in Berlin

Go to Turkey and visit Pergamum, on the cities mentioned by Saint John in Revelation, and you will be told all the good stuff is Berlin I had heard it, but now I know it. If you want to see ancient Pergamum, go to Berlin. The reconstruction of the altar there, of Zeus or Athena, [Read More...]

On My Wife’s Eyes

My wife has beautiful eyes. Having eliminated most readers fearing a burst of Kinkade in prose, I shall now continue. My wife has beautiful eyes. As a result of this fact, I have spent twenty-six years looking at them. Close attention to any beautiful object is an education to the soul and so a good [Read More...]