On Hating IS and Loving People

I hate IS (the Islamic State): a true perversion of Islam, monotheism, and humanity. I hate everything for which IS stands: terror, rapine, and violence. I hate it with a holy hatred because God hates IS. I love and pray for mercy toward the people who are part of IS because the eternal God loves [Read More...]

Let Goods and Kindred Go

Here is an obvious truth of the Christian faith: you cannot serve money and God. Money is a tool for humanity, but a particularly tricky one to use. Few get a hammer and then become so enamored with hammers that they collect more than they will ever need to pound nails. Money is entrancing because [Read More...]

Stuck in Montgomery: a Tale of Joy

There is the problem of evil, but counterbalancing the petty evils are the unexpected joys of life. Sherlock Holmes saw hope for Providence in the flowers, I found it today in the Montgomery Airport If you do not know Montgomery, Alabama,  and Faulkner University, you should. Faulkner University is a soul sister to HBU in [Read More...]

Hallelujah! This is Not A Christmas Post

I have seen the future and it is good. I can be jolly even though this is not Christmas. In fact, it is about as not Christmas as it can be. The Holiday is far enough in the past that we have ceased to think about it, but not close at all. In fact, thinking [Read More...]

Dear Ann Spambot: So So Sad to Get Your Spam

Every so often I get the following type of email in my box: Hello Dear, My name is miss Ann Daniel I saw your Email profile today I will like to know more about you. Please if you would not mind kindly get back to me so that we can know each other better, I [Read More...]

Nationwiding: A New Term

Nationwiding: The act of depressing a joyous event with anxious moralism.  The entire nation experienced “nationwiding” during the 2015 Super Bowl when Nationwide Insurance spent a great deal of money running an advertisement to make sure nobody anywhere was simply having a good time. Leave aside the worry that an insurance company is the wrong [Read More...]

Oh No! I am an American Christian

A worry is abroad that we will Americanize our Christianity, but people should stop worrying. If you are an American, you’d better Americanize your Christianity or you will find it impossible to live your Christianity.  Work hard to live out your Christianity in your culture: change what must be changed, adapt what can be adapted, [Read More...]

Becoming Stalin: Leadership “Lessons” To Avoid

I have been lucky to know and work for great leaders, one of them being my Dad. He is good, humble, loyal, and manages from love. Not everyone is so blessed. The worst case of a leader in the twentieth century may be Stalin. Stalin was the Apostle of Fear and, sadly, many in authority [Read More...]

The Problem with Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is bad for sports. His badness is not helped if he is not the worst. His badness is not helped if he an otherwise decent guy. I do not know Mr. Belichick so he might be terrific in the other roles he holds, but that does not make him good for sports. His badness is [Read More...]

Duck Dynasty and Dante: the Joyful Union

There are days for Duck Dynasty and days for Dante, but no days where I don’t love both Duck Dynasty and Dante with appropriate levels of love. The illumined Rod Dreher says that Dante sometimes conflicts with Duck Dynasty and he is right, the habit of rightfulness being one he cannot break, but I have never experienced this [Read More...]