On Avoiding Death Traps

Isn’t it time we did something about a major killer of Americans? If you filled up a football stadium with one hundred thousand people, about ten can expect to die from this all American killer. This does not count the corollary deaths due to the use of this product. Government subsidizes our use of the [Read More...]

God help us, but we must say, “Yes!”

If a gunman invades my workplace and asks the Christians to stand, then I hope I would stand. I am not so arrogant to know what I would do, but God helping me, I would have to stand. I don’t wish to die yet, but there are some things worse than death. Better dead than [Read More...]

The Boorish Mr. Biden

Joe Biden picked the week Christians were killed in America for being Christian to declare every traditional Christian is a “homophobe.” The Vice-President is not known for his timing, but he might want to pause and wonder if the rhetoric he is using is contributing to a culture of hate and fear. Psychologically sound people [Read More...]

Liberty and Law and Gun Control

 Increase law and you decrease liberty. We sometimes choose liberty with a bit of chaos over law with more order. Americans have decided to decriminalize most adult sexual behavior and permit (relatively) easy access to divorce. This increase in liberty has led to problems, but they are problems that the majority of Americans tolerate. For [Read More...]


Common decency is not a great virtue, but is good to have around in community. When someone died, I was taught to speak as kindly as possible. We are not talking about covering up for evil, but showing some charity toward another human being who faces judgement beyond human control. My grandparents called this common [Read More...]

I Give Up: History Wins

History always wins and those who stand against the dialectical truth that comes from the interplay of ideas will be left on the dustbin of the past. I see this now and I am sorry to have ever opposed the arc of history. A man might as well stand against the tide with a sand [Read More...]

Avoid the Weird: Why Conservatives Should Stay as Mainstream as Possible

Once I went to a Christian event with a friend and realized: “We are weird and not in a good way.” Our problem was not holiness, but a “look” that fit a culture unrelated to the mainstream. We stuck out for nothing, but our cussed cluelessness. It was comforting to think: “It would be worse [Read More...]

Keeping My Eyes to Myself

Nobody looks at The David and thinks: “I should buy that and take it home to be mine.” The David belongs to Florence and makes no sense outside of Florence. At least I hope nobody sees The David and thinks it should stand in front of their split level in Texas. Some beautiful things are not for [Read More...]

Three Trends to Love

So the news is bad and for the Christians of the Middle East, their world is becoming a new Dark Age. American culture seems determined to test whether one nation can amuse itself to death. Russia, China, India, and other rivals wait to see what comes of the massive social experiments we have undertaken. Will [Read More...]

Stupid Statements and Dying Christians: which matters most?

Today in Church we learned that the oldest Christian diocese in the world is in serious peril. A Christian leader got a message out to us saying that “almost all hope” is gone. ISIS confronts his community on three sides and his food kitchen, feeding people of every faith, faces extinction. This week, unless something is [Read More...]