Emulate Pixar: The Way Forward for Christian Movies

I know fine, young, Christian filmmakers and film mavens: HBU’s Josh Sikora . . . Nate Marshall. . . Nate Bell. They are out there: creative, working hard, and learning the craft. And yet when I turn on Christian television programming, look at most Christian “YouTube” or watch (God helping me) most Christian movies, I [Read More...]

When Your Anniversary is on Father’s Day

Today is my twenty-ninth wedding anniversary and it also happens to be Father’s Day. Since getting married help make me a father and my actual Dad did our wedding (the parts where he wasn’t crying) . . . the two things fit together nicely. I am fairly sure my Dad likes Hope at least as [Read More...]

What Jane Didn’t Tell Rochester

Jane Eyre is a manual for Christian romance and anybody in love should read it. The lessons in it are many, but here is an unexpected one: the lover tells the beloved what he needs to hear and not always what he wishes to hear. Jane and Rochester initially are separated by God and Jane’s obedience [Read More...]

Lesson in Loving Well: Never, Ever Be St John Rivers

If you wish to be in love properly and have not read Jane Eyre, stop now. Read the book. If you are still reading, then you know that the worst moment in the book is when St John Rivers proposes to Jane Eyre. This proposal comes from a man who is called to a hard ministry in [Read More...]

Constantine not Benedict?

Constantine wanted a strong, united Roman Empire and at that time as did every  other civilized human being. My ancestors were painting themselves blue and sweeping across Britannia in waves destroying most of the good things of life that the Romans had built over centuries. The world was better off when Emperor and prelates struck [Read More...]

VE Day: Thank You

Men like my Uncle were heroes, but they did not brag about it. They stormed Normandy, jumped out of planes a bridge too far, served in POW camps, and then prepared to ship to the Pacific. Sometimes the same man did all of those things in the same War. Because of these men and millions [Read More...]

Grace Lee: She Taught Me To See

Grace Lee Whitney, actor and Star Trek star, is dead. She was eighty-five . . . older than my Mom and older than my Dad. I did not know her, but I hear she had a hard life. The ugly side of the industry that breaks the laws of God in order to commoditize sex [Read More...]

Why One Should Never Compare Anyone to the Nazi Party

A lot of people get called “Nazis,” but very few of us know what the insult means. Americans my age and younger (most of us!) know the Nazis were a vile German political movement that killed at least six million Jews. If we have watched any classic movies or Indiana Jones, then we know they were worth [Read More...]

Anti-Theists are Sure They Will Not Kill You This Time

Anti-theists are sending Christians to labor camps in China and killing us in North Korea, but there is good news: Anti-theists# in the United States are positive they will not kill Christians if they ever get power and I believe them. There is no evidence that American anti-theists will ever develop a mass movement of anti-theists capable [Read More...]

On Hating IS and Loving People

I hate IS (the Islamic State): a true perversion of Islam, monotheism, and humanity. I hate everything for which IS stands: terror, rapine, and violence. I hate it with a holy hatred because God hates IS. I love and pray for mercy toward the people who are part of IS because the eternal God loves [Read More...]