The Shallow Education of America

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. So I was told in my childhood  by the television. I believed it then, and I believe it now.  Some waste their minds on purpose, some have waste thrust upon them, and some waste a mind after a good start. For the fool, the man who wastes [Read More...]

Tokenism, Moral Colonialism, and Gay Marriage

Tokenism is one of the great intellectual plagues of our time, infecting right and left, Christians and non-Christians. Tokenism is making a big deal out of a small example. Tokenism is toxic when a company thinks hiring one person of color solves their “diversity problem.” Tokenism is also debilitating when one pretends that one’s little [Read More...]

Beautiful Thoughts

The world is so connected that every action we take has implications that cannot be imagined. As a result, we cannot predict outcomes with any surety. What seems practical might fail and what seems irrational might work. God works tirelessly bringing what is best to the world. No human can ever see the intricacies of [Read More...]

“No limits,” he lied.

The worst liar I ever knew was my athletic trainer, though I doubt he meant to lie. He had been taught a series of slogans which he would break out at the drop of a barbell. . . and I dropped barbells frequently. One of my least favorite mottos he had was: no limits. I [Read More...]

Badly Edited, Still Horrific

The Washington Post is no friend of right-to-life groups. Read their story and then watch the video, if you can stomach it. Here is what nobody denies: an executive of Planned Parenthood calmly discusses crushing a baby during an abortion so she can salvage body parts while munching on her salad and sipping her wine. [Read More...]

Stop Talking about “Young People”

Once upon a time, my adult children, still in the demographic often described as “young,” were complaining that they were invisible. None of them fit any descriptions used to fit young adults-the stereotypes or the boxes. Are they conservative? Sort of, but in different ways. Are they liberal? Sort of, but in different ways. In [Read More...]

Living in a Bubble

Chik-Fil-A be warned. Standing in the Legion of Honor, a stunning collection of art in a beautiful building with a world class view of the Golden Gate, I got to listen to three students discuss the chicken company. One of them was being offered a job (“Can you believe it?”) in social media and networking [Read More...]

A Comedy Tonight

All my children will be legal adults by the start of next month. This is not sad to me, because, for good or bad, I have been there for every year of their lives. The law is just now recognizing what has been true for a good while: there are not “kids” left to sit [Read More...]

Work Together: Happening in Houston

Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East. Black churches are being burned down in America. North Korea and China impose party atheism on the believers in both lands. When the Islamic State comes with swords, nobody asks the name of your pastor. If Jesus is Lord, you are going to die. That is persecution [Read More...]

Vanity of Vanities

Gym slogans are prose written by devils to tempt me to cynicism. These are the falsehoods like: “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” I am pretty sure this is false as yellow fever did not kill Teddy Roosevelt, but it left him permanently weaker and who am I to argue with the Bull Moose? [Read More...]