In Which I get a Life

Moans about the election from the conservative community are understandable. Losing stings, but for me the time for sorrow must end. Why? It is distinctly against the conservative grain to care that much about government. My church is flourishing, my family has needs, and my University has aggressive plans for the future. They all need [Read More...]

Red Poppy

May the just warriors be happy today and may the saints amongst the soldiers rejoice in the Kingdom of God. Jesus often used “hard sayings” to stir his audience. Two thousand years after his life we sometimes do not hear his hard sayings, because we have “over-learned” the lesson. When Jesus said it was hard [Read More...]

Mrs. Jesus says, “Romney cannot win.”

Yesterday, two news stories broke. Both were important, but both immediately generate buzz that suggested a great many people misunderstood their importance. Evidently a fragment of an ancient document exists in which Jesus is talking about His wife. This is a great and exciting find for those of us who are interested in relatively early [Read More...]

Corporate Wife

Juan Williams said Ann Romney looked like a “corporate wife.” Evidently this is a person whose husband takes care of her. Horror filled me. I realized that this weekend my Dad took care of my Mom this weekend. She looked happy, healthy, and flourishing. My Dad after fifty-two years of pastoral ministry left my Mom [Read More...]

Here I Don’t Stand

This I do not believe, God help me, I just cannot. The wonderful world of the Internet oddly has led to a kind of “hardening” of possibilities for some folk. Too often there is a package response to everything: if I vote for Mitt Romney, I must not believe in global warming. If I believe [Read More...]

Birdemic: I feel Shock and Terror

Last night I rested from sanity and watched Birdemic: Shock and Terror. That the film is a marvel akin to Plan 9 or Manos tells certain folk all they need to know. If you love bad movies, you have already seen Birdemic, a plausible candidate for Worst Movie Ever. One personal rule for this title [Read More...]

Halo is better than most work?

When I am sad, I often read Sherlock Holmes: lots of Sherlock Holmes. Victoria and Albert is excellent television comfort food and Mary Poppins works well as far as movie goes. Every so often a retreat from the slings and arrows of outrageous America is welcome. I need to remind myself that such a retreat [Read More...]

Lincoln: Vampire Slayer

If Lincoln killed vampires, he would be no greater than Lincoln was. Lincoln died making men free, killed by a friend of slavers. His murder on Good Friday echoed a greater death that made men holy. I understand the fun of seeing the Rail Splitter blast the undead, but I hope the real Lincoln is [Read More...]

On School Supplies

In my childhood school supplies required no batteries, but did leave a boy armed and dangerous. Every year, I bought a new compass, not the directional kind, but a metal probe designed for drawing circles used by students to spear unwitting victims. I never used this compass for its intended use any more than the [Read More...]

Thinking Christianly on Illegal Aliens

From my London window, I see the problem of a border out of control and two parties unwilling to address it. From my home in California, I know decent men hounded by the government for a crime, illegal entry, committed years ago. The issue of illegal aliens in the United States is difficult for a [Read More...]