Vanity of Vanities

Gym slogans are prose written by devils to tempt me to cynicism. These are the falsehoods like: “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” I am pretty sure this is false as yellow fever did not kill Teddy Roosevelt, but it left him permanently weaker and who am I to argue with the Bull Moose? [Read More...]

You Still Cannot Be Moral Without God

This post is part of a feature from Patheos called Head to Head. This week, I’m debating the Catholic Channel’s Dr. Gregory Popcak. The question: is a deity necessary for morality? This week’s question was inspired by Patheos Atheist writer Peter Mosley’s story on Theism’s Morality Glitch. I stood in Vegas and millions of dollars [Read More...]

Three Things Better About Today

So I don’t agree with the Supreme Court. I do not think there is a right to vice. Nothing I am about to say will let me into the cool kids’ club. That is not my goal. Nor am I forced to hate my country. It has never been my country right or wrong, but [Read More...]

Standing with the Curve of History

Today I rejoice that I stand with the long curve of history and the majority of public opinion. Jesus is Lord and remains Lord today. History often detours and His providence is inscrutable in the short term, but justice with mercy, holiness with salvation, always prevails. I am more concerned about the great states of [Read More...]

Money is Made: Running for President and Making Christian Movies

Why do hopeless candidates run for President? For some, it is obviously ego. Ever since they became Parks and Recreation director in Schenectady, they have heard “Hail to the Chief” in their minds. Others have discerned a unique business opportunity: if you can convince even a tiny niche of a party that you will be [Read More...]

Thought Bubbles and Ideas: More Philosophy from Inside Out

Pixar is the most consistent film company in the United States. The company has mostly made excellent movies, has a few mediocre titles, (Cars series shout out), and no bad films. Inside Out is as good as the best of Pixar and that means it is funny, well written, and thoughtful. Like all great films, Inside Out has images so [Read More...]

Inside Out: Brilliant Film, Helpful Philosophy

Inside Out would be the movie of the year if animation and family friendly films were not treated with condescension by the Academy. Most likely, the winner will be some film few saw, easily forgotten, but full of portentous meaning. This  you can know: we will be watching Inside Out when all the creators are gone and [Read More...]

Emulate Pixar: The Way Forward for Christian Movies

I know fine, young, Christian filmmakers and film mavens: HBU’s Josh Sikora . . . Nate Marshall. . . Nate Bell. They are out there: creative, working hard, and learning the craft. And yet when I turn on Christian television programming, look at most Christian “YouTube” or watch (God helping me) most Christian movies, I [Read More...]

When Your Anniversary is on Father’s Day

Today is my twenty-ninth wedding anniversary and it also happens to be Father’s Day. Since getting married help make me a father and my actual Dad did our wedding (the parts where he wasn’t crying) . . . the two things fit together nicely. I am fairly sure my Dad likes Hope at least as [Read More...]

What Jane Didn’t Tell Rochester

Jane Eyre is a manual for Christian romance and anybody in love should read it. The lessons in it are many, but here is an unexpected one: the lover tells the beloved what he needs to hear and not always what he wishes to hear. Jane and Rochester initially are separated by God and Jane’s obedience [Read More...]