Oh No! I am an American Christian

A worry is abroad that we will Americanize our Christianity, but people should stop worrying. If you are an American, you’d better Americanize your Christianity or you will find it impossible to live your Christianity.  Work hard to live out your Christianity in your culture: change what must be changed, adapt what can be adapted, [Read More...]

Becoming Stalin: Leadership “Lessons” To Avoid

I have been lucky to know and work for great leaders, one of them being my Dad. He is good, humble, loyal, and manages from love. Not everyone is so blessed. The worst case of a leader in the twentieth century may be Stalin. Stalin was the Apostle of Fear and, sadly, many in authority [Read More...]

The Problem with Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is bad for sports. His badness is not helped if he is not the worst. His badness is not helped if he an otherwise decent guy. I do not know Mr. Belichick so he might be terrific in the other roles he holds, but that does not make him good for sports. His badness is [Read More...]

Duck Dynasty and Dante: the Joyful Union

There are days for Duck Dynasty and days for Dante, but no days where I don’t love both Duck Dynasty and Dante with appropriate levels of love. The illumined Rod Dreher says that Dante sometimes conflicts with Duck Dynasty and he is right, the habit of rightfulness being one he cannot break, but I have never experienced this [Read More...]

The Thin Blue Line and Death in America

Too many African-American young people are arrested in the United States. Too many African-American young people are harassed by police in the United States. Too many African-American young people are shot by police in the United States. That is the context, though not an excuse, for the rioting that is shaking the United States of [Read More...]

While We Sleep: The Guns of August

When one of my children is sick, nothing else matters to me. The world and the world’s troubles seem far away and I want to mind my own business. Wisdom is to be found in this attitude: I am not God and the cares of the globe are too great for me. We cannot always [Read More...]

Seven Conservative Truths Confirmed By Ferguson

Ferguson confirms many hard truths about the United States. We have a race problem and electing our first African-American president did nothing to solve that problem anymore than electing our first Catholic President ended anti-Catholic bigotry. Here are seven things conservatives have always believed that Ferguson confirms. Police officers are not and should not be [Read More...]

Weep for the Dead

Ferguson could only happen in the United States of America. Start with the original American sin of the enslavement of Africans, justified by secular and religious Americans. Follow slavery with a century of lynch law, government imposed segregation, and a total failure of justice for thirteen percent of the American population. If Ferguson does not [Read More...]

The Guns of August

My least favorite picture from the First World War era shows the start of the Russian Revolution in Petrograd. My eyes are never drawn to the protestors in the street, but to the office workers looking up from tasks to see what was happening outside. They seem unconcerned or at the least not nearly as [Read More...]

Lessons in Leadership (I): Steve Jobs

I am reading books on leadership with a group of friends at HBU and we began with Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson is a better writer than Jobs’ a topic and at times the gap between talent and the subject’s pretensions shows in the book: Jobs was less consequential than he believed and Isaacson struggles to do more [Read More...]