The Shallow Education of America

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. So I was told in my childhood  by the television. I believed it then, and I believe it now.  Some waste their minds on purpose, some have waste thrust upon them, and some waste a mind after a good start. For the fool, the man who wastes [Read More...]

Real Education is Liberating and Will Thrive

Higher education faces imminent peril, but most schools are avoiding solutions the way a vampire avoids sunlight. The heart of the problem is the cost and the key to cost has been the explosion in administrators, but asking those very administers to solve the problem invites them (as they think) to hire more administrators to [Read More...]

“No limits,” he lied.

The worst liar I ever knew was my athletic trainer, though I doubt he meant to lie. He had been taught a series of slogans which he would break out at the drop of a barbell. . . and I dropped barbells frequently. One of my least favorite mottos he had was: no limits. I [Read More...]

Work Together: Happening in Houston

Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East. Black churches are being burned down in America. North Korea and China impose party atheism on the believers in both lands. When the Islamic State comes with swords, nobody asks the name of your pastor. If Jesus is Lord, you are going to die. That is persecution [Read More...]

Find Good Friends and Stick It Out OR How Harry Potter got me to Wheatstone this Summer (Part II/III)

The Harry Potter books helped create my summer vacation at  Wheatstone Academy this summer. Harry Potter is a wise series and reminds me of things philosophers and Scriptures teach, but does it magically and with chocolate frogs.  Friendship is the most important theme in the series: Ron, Hermione, and Harry are only the most prominent friends in the series. [Read More...]

End This Privilege!

Plane rides always let me listen to fascinating conversations: when you have no choice it isn’t evesdropping. Sitting behind an English graduate student and listening to her explain university life to a business guy my age was enjoyable. Each discipline has thinking, jargon, and assumptions that make it hard for outsiders to understand. I do [Read More...]

Three Simple Truths about Education

This week will mark the 31st year of teaching and here are three simple truths: 1. trust the dialectic. I am asking a new question for Homer this year: “Why must Thersites be beaten?” I must trust the question and the students and see what happens. This years opening question is starts with a small [Read More...]

Jesus, Educator: A Higher Education, Part (IV/IV)

I have been told by marketing friends that in the United States only Abraham Lincoln is better liked than Jesus. Given Lincoln’s wonderful heritage to this nation, the popularity of Father Abraham makes sense. Jesus is, of course, to most Americans the Son of God, Savior, and the central figure in their religious beliefs. Yet [Read More...]

On Earth as It Is in Heaven: A Higher Education (III/IV)

If you do not know Jesus, you will not go to Heaven when you die, you will go to Hell and that is a place most to be avoided. Imagine living in Newark, New Jersey without the charm while stuck in conversation with Vlad Putin without the wit. . . for eternity. Jesus came to [Read More...]

Don’t Just Be Nice: A Higher Education (II/IV)

As the bill for school comes due, many of us ask: “Why pay for higher education?” The answer is found in Scripture and founded the university. Even if most schools have forgotten the foundations, there are a few educational leaders who remember. Let’s Be Nice When We Can The leader of real education recently spoke [Read More...]