Liberal Arts Education Needs Brave Defenders

Civilization is hard to build and easy to lose. Without courage and conviction, much we now take for granted, peace, relative liberty, and civility will be lost. One mark of the health of a civilization is the value it gives the liberal arts. At every level of education from kindergarten to college, we need the [Read More...]

Great Leaders: Thankful for the Virtues of Seven Women

We need leaders. Talent we can find, but good leaders have talent with character. I have been blessed to be surrounded at all points in my career and education with leaders, listing seven men was difficult enough, but choosing seven women was nearly impossible. Having a mother and a wife who lead made this list [Read More...]

Cleanup the University: Starting with Us

At dear old State U, you might find a Christian engineering professor, carefully quiet, and more than one Christian coach on the playing fields, but you will be hard pressed to find the views of the world’s two billion Christians elsewhere. Much of undergraduate education, at even our best schools, is not worth the money [Read More...]

A School for Humans, not Snowflakes

There are three things for which I hope I would die: God, country, and family, but there are three basic ideas that no free woman or man should betray if they work in education. Maybe I would not die for these ideas, but I would never work for a school that betrayed those ideals because such [Read More...]

Let’s Fix the University

Yale does research magnificently and prepares graduates for the present upper class. University of Missouri does research well and prepares graduates to work for Yale graduates in the present upper class. Both schools are broken and by imitating them, Christian colleges are not always better. Google American university in the news and you will get [Read More...]

On Being Humble

For each of our (now adult) children, we had a “lesson.” For one it was: it is more important to be beautiful on the inside than the outside. So powerful was this lesson that this child became staggeringly beautiful on the inside and the outside. For another child, one lesson was: If I am humble, [Read More...]

A Vision is Life

Vince Lombardi inherited a losing team with losing players and made that team one of the best football teams that ever existed. He transformed “losers” into winners. However, when he left, the Packers confused his plans and his methods with his vision. They imitated Lombardi long after the methods and means were contrary to Lombardi’s [Read More...]

Avoid the Weird: Why Conservatives Should Stay as Mainstream as Possible

Once I went to a Christian event with a friend and realized: “We are weird and not in a good way.” Our problem was not holiness, but a “look” that fit a culture unrelated to the mainstream. We stuck out for nothing, but our cussed cluelessness. It was comforting to think: “It would be worse [Read More...]

The Twilight Struggle: Lies We Believe

We are telling people horrible lies, peddling false hopes in the name of Jesus. Jesus is alive. He answers prayer, but he is not Genie Jesus that will give us what we want in the way we want it. He wants our long term good, not our short term good, and part of the good [Read More...]

Examine Your Life Not Test Your Life

Most of us should examine our assumptions more than  we do. There is a reason that the Socratic command about the examined life is repeated so often. Socrates was right: the unexamined life is not worth living. A man  who will not ask himself questions thinks he is a god, but has the mental life [Read More...]