Hope: Ten Things To Hope

The President is in trouble. How do we know? International news organizations, disposed to like the President, are beginning to worry about him. And yet what American would wish for another failed President? By a failed presidency, I do not mean policy or decisions. I never voted for this President and I oppose his agenda, [Read More...]

Primary Mark Sanford

If you love Mark Sanford, primary him. Mark Sanford is unfit to serve in Congress and it is shame that the voters of South Carolina were faced with such dismal choices in the last election: a vacuous leftist versus a verminous righty. Of course, Republican primary voters brought it on themselves by not voting in [Read More...]

A Comedy Tonight

Between making fun of Chuck Norris on C-Span (a task worth attempting!) and doing comedy, Ed Brayton writes. He is a fun writer and his blog is generally worth reading if only for the responses to his blog. Here he complains about my post taking on “the inevitable triumph” of gay marriage. For some in America the [Read More...]

Power: No Real King But King Jesus

If I had the power to make every man obey the moral law and to know they obeyed it, I trust I would not use it, God helping me. Why? The power to change a person’s behavior externally, without a change of heart, or a recognition of hypocrisy is dangerous. Power is as dangerous as love and [Read More...]

On Regrets

Bob Woodward was told he “would regret” disagreeing with the President. In context, it appears regretfulness would wash over Woodward, because the Presidential flack thought Mr. Woodward was wrong and once exposed, the error would lead to sorrow in the sensitive soul of Woodward. Readers know Woodward has survived many such episodes and appears flourishing. [Read More...]

In Which I get a Life

Moans about the election from the conservative community are understandable. Losing stings, but for me the time for sorrow must end. Why? It is distinctly against the conservative grain to care that much about government. My church is flourishing, my family has needs, and my University has aggressive plans for the future. They all need [Read More...]

I was wrong.

As I wrote before the election, if my “call” was wrong (and it was) there were ten things I should and should not do. Let me start that process here. I said: I have long believed economic and social forces make 2012 a mildly Republican year. I still believe this to be true and stick [Read More...]

My Call, My Reasons, and Five Things I Regret

I am voting for Mr. Romney and now on the last day of the election is a good time to summarize why, what I think will happen, why, and sum up regrets. At the end of the day tomorrow this will help assess what I got right and wrong. Why Romney: I am voting for [Read More...]

If I am wrong: Ten Things I will do and not do.

I have long believed economic and social forces make 2012 a mildly Republican year. I still believe this to be true and stick with my prediction that Romney will carry the popular vote 51/2 to 47/8 and win in the Electoral College. (A three point margin makes this electoral win all but sure.) There is, [Read More...]

For Justice: Mitt Romney

As I prepare to vote, I look to the American constitution to determine how I should vote. The President of the United States is our chief executive in a central government. Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney will swear to defend the Constitution and both men are honorable and will intend to keep their word. [Read More...]