What Walt Taught Me: Fantasia

Hope was frustrated: “Music is music.” She looked at me and realized that her new husband saw pictures instead of hearing music. My auditory sense was dominated by my visual sense to the point that I was deprived of an excellent musical experience. “You think of it all as a story . . . like [Read More...]

What Walt Taught Me: Pinocchio

There was once a little boy in West Virginia who received a puppet. He played with it and the toys of his time lasted and lasted. They were built for love and so the little boy grew up, became a dad,  kept his puppet, until his son found the little wooden head in his dad’s [Read More...]

What Walt Taught Me: Snow White

Disney insists that the first of its full length animated features is “still the fairest one of all.” And the comment is fair. By the Pixar standards of today, the film is very simple, but then it is creating the genre that Pixar has mastered. The film is still fairly good by any standard and [Read More...]

You Still Cannot Be Moral Without God

This post is part of a feature from Patheos called Head to Head. This week, I’m debating the Catholic Channel’s Dr. Gregory Popcak. The question: is a deity necessary for morality? This week’s question was inspired by Patheos Atheist writer Peter Mosley’s story on Theism’s Morality Glitch. I stood in Vegas and millions of dollars [Read More...]

Thought Bubbles and Ideas: More Philosophy from Inside Out

Pixar is the most consistent film company in the United States. The company has mostly made excellent movies, has a few mediocre titles, (Cars series shout out), and no bad films. Inside Out is as good as the best of Pixar and that means it is funny, well written, and thoughtful. Like all great films, Inside Out has images so [Read More...]

Emulate Pixar: The Way Forward for Christian Movies

I know fine, young, Christian filmmakers and film mavens: HBU’s Josh Sikora . . . Nate Marshall. . . Nate Bell. They are out there: creative, working hard, and learning the craft. And yet when I turn on Christian television programming, look at most Christian “YouTube” or watch (God helping me) most Christian movies, I [Read More...]

Grace Lee: She Taught Me To See

Grace Lee Whitney, actor and Star Trek star, is dead. She was eighty-five . . . older than my Mom and older than my Dad. I did not know her, but I hear she had a hard life. The ugly side of the industry that breaks the laws of God in order to commoditize sex [Read More...]

Appreciating Commercials: With a Shout Out to Kim Gaynor

I can hear it coming. There is a branch of religion and irreligion that worries that somewhere, someplace, somebody is having a good time. This good time must be suspect as good times always are and so jeremiads follow. Super Bowl parties, the Super Bowl, football, and Doritos will all be condemned by the same [Read More...]

Serious Lessons from an Unserious Event: Super Bowl Truths

The Super Bowl is the least serious event Americans take seriously. And, yet, why should we waste the day without learning? I have thought about each Super Bowl over the course of a life spent loving the Packers and taking the Super Bowl more seriously than it deserves. I rooted for the Bills four times. [Read More...]

The Problem with Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is bad for sports. His badness is not helped if he is not the worst. His badness is not helped if he an otherwise decent guy. I do not know Mr. Belichick so he might be terrific in the other roles he holds, but that does not make him good for sports. His badness is [Read More...]