Gratitude: An Intellectual History (A Live Reading Part II)

Gratitude: An Intellectual History is a very good book (thus far) written by an interesting intellectual. Good books are rare, interesting intellectuals not so common, and good books by interesting intellectuals are like a clean comedienne who is funny: scarce and worth celebrating. So I celebrate this book and the author Peter Leithart by doing a [Read More...]

Gratitude: An Intellectual History (A Live Reading Part I)

When the publisher sent me Gratitude: An Intellectual History, I felt sure this would be a book worth reading. First, the topic is needed if my own life and the lives of my students are any indication. Grateful? Not so much. Second, the author writes like an angel and thinks from different angles than the normal [Read More...]

Fantasy Football, Thucydides, and Me

I love fantasy football even though it can never love me; not being a person or even Richard Dawkins. I love fantasy football, even though I am not good at it. I have won a league regular season, but never the championship. I do not stink, no Jerry Jones I, but I am no Ted [Read More...]

Happiness: My Goal

Being sad, even depressed is in the news, but whether we know it or not depression is always in the news. Hidden from view leaders, celebrities, teachers, and many of us suffer from seeming sorrows that constantly threaten to overwhelm us. I cannot help with the biological basis of depression or stress: this best left [Read More...]

For Joy’s Sake

Christians should never be motivated by hate and ideally do nothing we do not wish to do. If God’s will is our will, then evil is no temptation. It is the rubble of our lives that gets in the way of this happy reality. Some destruction comes from without from other hurting people who lash [Read More...]

The Weed Agency: A Review

James Geraghty has written a book, The Weed Agency, that is not a novel, but it is novel for our time. Like Pilgrims Progress, it is a message bulking up a short story, unlike because it is not an allegory. Like Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, pointed political satire appears, but it is not purely fictional. Real people show up [Read More...]

Authentic Adulthood: It Gets Joyful!

If high school or college is the best time in your life, then either your life is oddly terrible or the problem of evil is insurmountable. Over a normal lifespan the time spent in high school and college is preparation for most of life. Life can be hard, and if the school is sound it protects from [Read More...]

Authentic Adulthood: Be Good for Goodness Sake

Jesus said: “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” A cross is not a piece of jewelry or a slogan, but an invitation to death. Jesus knew that agony awaited the person who wanted to know God. Why would that be so? God [Read More...]

E Pluribus Unum

“Out of many, one.” Our national motto should remind Americans that unity is hard, disunity easy. Tyrants can command submission, but this is not true unity. Communists have no true “comrades,” since some comradeship is more comradely for some in a Soviet Union. Unity for humans is also not becoming homogeneous, since absorption by a political Borg is death [Read More...]

Knowledge needs Jesus

“Wisdom comes from God, knowledge from school. Seek wisdom and knowledge.” That is a jolly Christian bromide, but also cheerfully wrong. A twitter-able bromide is still toxic, even when decoupaged to a Christian plaque upon reading. Evil cannot be buried under any amount of glue. What happens with such errors? First, we feel good and then [Read More...]