Great Leaders: Thankful for the Virtues of Seven Women

We need leaders. Talent we can find, but good leaders have talent with character. I have been blessed to be surrounded at all points in my career and education with leaders, listing seven men was difficult enough, but choosing seven women was nearly impossible. Having a mother and a wife who lead made this list [Read More...]

Great Leaders: Thankful for the Virtues of Seven Men

Leadership is easy to describe as an ideal, but the leader who can say with Saint Paul, “Follow my example” is rare.  Easy enough to list the failures, but better to be thankful for those who, like Paul, are an example of virtuous leadership that pointed me to Jesus. In another place, I list seven women leaders. Here [Read More...]

Wisdom: The Bishops of Antioch Speak on Syrian Refugees

Here is the official statement: Statement from the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America on the Reception of Refugees in the United States in Light of Recent Terrorist Actions around the World Since the tragic terrorist actions in Paris, Beirut, Mali and elsewhere in the past two weeks, there have been polarized reactions to the reception of [Read More...]

Fearless Living: Three Things to Do

These are fearful times, though it is important to remember that times are generally fearful. Media enables us to know tragedies in part of the world as they happen and so things can even seem worse than they are. In my grandparents generation, the events on other continents might remain unknown even to the someone [Read More...]

Islam: For the Sake of the Gospel, Let’s Tell the Truth

We cannot love our Islamic neighbor or expect them to come to Christianity through any ministry that misunderstands or lies about their beliefs. The so-called Islamic State (Da’esh) is not much of state and is not mainstream Islam. Don’t be confused. I am a Christian who belongs to a church with no illusions about Islam. If [Read More...]

Global Sorrow and Daily Life

On dark days, the sun still rises. In the darkest night, the moon still shines in a sky of stars. On a day of national sorrow, somebody will be born and her parents will be glad. Some family must have lost a parent on VE Day and so national joy happened with local sorrow. The [Read More...]

To Our Oldest Ally: God save France!

The United States owes her existence to the Kingdom of France. Today is a good day to remember this fact and stand in solidarity with the present Republic of France. French philosophy, religion, and culture have enriched the United States of America. Millions of us go to visit France to see the roots of much that is good [Read More...]

Do the Right Thing in Christian Ministry: Avoid Brocklehurst

Recently, in hard (but friendly) dialog with some non-theists, I was reminded how small the atheist media world is and how large the Christian enterprise must seem. The biggest problem with our Christian witness will never be atheism. Atheism is a small minority movement in any part of the world where it is not imposed [Read More...]

Hope Does Not Disappoint

If you struggle with biologically based depression, as many people in my family do, then feeling good is rare. Today is one of those days. I breath and think: Hurrah! And then the day keeps grinding along and I hear bad news and worst of all, I fail. I mess up. I fall short of the [Read More...]

Get New Friends: Love Truth Not Narrowness

When I was a boy I heard a pastor described as “so narrow, he could see down a straw with both eyes.” Oddly, he was the kind of man who would not have viewed it as an insult. If there was ever a perfect predictor of a ministry, business, or group in trouble, it is [Read More...]