Get New Friends: Love Truth Not Narrowness

When I was a boy I heard a pastor described as “so narrow, he could see down a straw with both eyes.” Oddly, he was the kind of man who would not have viewed it as an insult. If there was ever a perfect predictor of a ministry, business, or group in trouble, it is [Read More...]

Time to Pray

Abraham Lincoln knew it and many of us have lived it. Prayer works, and a nation that punts on prayer has disarmed itself for no good reason. The sensible religious majority of this nation should do all it can to avoid offending their secular neighbor, but good manners must give way to good policy. Prayer [Read More...]

On Being Humble

For each of our (now adult) children, we had a “lesson.” For one it was: it is more important to be beautiful on the inside than the outside. So powerful was this lesson that this child became staggeringly beautiful on the inside and the outside. For another child, one lesson was: If I am humble, [Read More...]

Defying our Experience

I keep a prayer journal ever since JP Moreland, philosopher and mentor, pointed out it was good to keep track of what you prayed in the past so you can see what God had done in the present. There is a pattern to life in Jesus Christ, but we can lose the flow of His actions in the day-to-day. Our [Read More...]

A Vision is Life

Vince Lombardi inherited a losing team with losing players and made that team one of the best football teams that ever existed. He transformed “losers” into winners. However, when he left, the Packers confused his plans and his methods with his vision. They imitated Lombardi long after the methods and means were contrary to Lombardi’s [Read More...]

I am for . . . everyone I can be – except the Chicago Bears

Picking a fight is easy. Watch: The best quarterback in Packer history, perhaps in NFL history, was Bart Starr. Do you disagree? If you say, Favre, then I know you to be shallow, caring only for style over victories. If you say Rodgers, then you are overwhelmed with statistics over the true measure of a [Read More...]

LOL: Our Inflated Sense of Importance

Evidently the House is in chaos, because the GOP cannot, yet, pick a speaker. There may be people worried about this possibility, but I have yet to meet one. Christians are being martyred in Syria. We are aborting our future and have proclaimed vice virtue. Our elites oppress the poor while pretending to love them [Read More...]

Sex isn’t Necessary for Happiness

Anybody who has single friends, older friends, or friends who have taken a vow of chastity knows this truth: sex is not necessary for human happiness. This is so obvious to anyone who looks around at his friends and family that a man might think it doesn’t need to be said. He would be wrong. [Read More...]

Thank God

“Isn’t God narcissistic? If I don’t praise Him, I go to Hell.” This is a profanity free summary of a discussion I had with an atheist. I get what he was saying and my Sunday School kid self had the same worry. That is when the holidays came to my rescue. Thanksgiving is one of [Read More...]

God help us, but we must say, “Yes!”

If a gunman invades my workplace and asks the Christians to stand, then I hope I would stand. I am not so arrogant to know what I would do, but God helping me, I would have to stand. I don’t wish to die yet, but there are some things worse than death. Better dead than [Read More...]