The Jelly Has Departed From You: A Logical Fallacy

Once, so long ago today’s young earth creationists were all young, I was at a church youth event preparing to eat. There are no church youth events where one does not eat, but this one gave me a choice I had never had before. “Will you have peanut butter or jelly?” the nice man asked. [Read More...]

Peace! Peace!

Today the United States celebrates the work of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., particularly his work toward ending the evils of government imposed segregation and toward furthering racial reconciliation. He looked forward to a time of healing, but I am reminded that he had to fight against evil in his own day: both public and [Read More...]

“Because of the Music”

Our most excellent friends sing for one of Southern California’s best churches, but are often disheartened to hear this: “I only come because of the music.” If you knew how good they were, then you would understand the sentiment, but also why the “compliment” distresses them. Beauty, especially musical beauty, is a great power in [Read More...]

I have a dream!

Unless you are Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., you should avoid using “I have a dream” in your life. Like “fourscore and seven years ago” or anything Churchill ever said, King owns the phrase. He also had the wit and wisdom to avoid misusing his dreaming. KIng’s goal of racial reconciliation, still not achieved, is [Read More...]

In which I oppose animal cruelty. . .

A Facebook friend asked me to “oppose all animal cruelty” and I agreed to do so. My parent’s new cat, Jasper the Menace, recently bit me on my sore knee and then gleefully scampered away. I oppose this cruelty. I oppose all animal cruelty, especially to other animals. When the lion takes down the injured [Read More...]

Thoughts on Twelfth Night: Cursed Winter without Christmas

The end of the football season is upon us. If your team is still in the NFL playoffs, this fact is hidden from you in the excitement, but the end is coming. The long winter without football is upon us. When your team wins the Super Bowl, then you can live in the glow for [Read More...]

Where have you gone Tom Brown?

If you love Harry Potter, then you owe a debt to Tom Brown. Tom Brown at School (sometimes Tom Brown at Rugby) is the pattern for all great English books about school life. Tom Brown, very much a boy, an English boy of his era, heads off to Rugby and is made a manly man [Read More...]

O Christ!

Jesus’ last name is not Christ. I heard this in Sunday School, as a joke, so long ago that I cannot remember the year or the teacher. I did not LOL. But it turns out to be a truth more needed than I might have thought: there are people out there who do not “know” [Read More...]

Five Dumb Ideas: A Recollection

A secular New Year (and the last half of the Christmas season) brings back memories. Recollecting at fifty is good, though sometimes unpleasant, because I continue to believe dumb things. The only two goods that have ever come from my stupidity has been to share those follies with others and learn from them myself. Instead [Read More...]

In Which I Live Blog Sarah Palin’s New Book: “Good Tidings of Great Joy”

The Rules: In a live reading, I live my life while reading a book and post my unedited (actually lightly edited) thoughts as I go. I then end with my final thoughts and this stands as the “review.” Thoughts Before Reading: If a free book comes in the mail, it must be acknowledged. Sarah Palin [Read More...]