Letters to William: On God (Part 1)

Dear William, You have kindly let me share our correspondence with other people (at least my mother reads this blog). As a fairly new Christian (four years), you are beginning to think about your faith. This is good and a natural part of being a faithful Christian and I appreciate the chance to share my [Read More...]

On Loving and Honoring My Parents

How do you honor your parents or childhood church if you fundamentally disagree with important aspects how you were raised? I am not talking about situations or structures where the law must intervene. The state exists in our broken world to bring justice and any healing, hope, or forgiveness can often happen only after justice is done. [Read More...]

And yet we must dream . . .

Not all dreams are valid and some dreams must die for our good, but yet like Joseph, religious believers are called to be dreamers. Our dreams are to be the dreams God gives us, those that will make us our true self, not the self we imagine, but the self He created us to be. [Read More...]

The Ratatouille Trap

 Ratatouille: a beautifully made movie based on a jaw-dropping premise: rats in the kitchen. It works, but do not ask me how. Visuals of rats running about the kitchen as workers with one as chef should make me gag, but they do not. Even better, the film has a fascinating moral: not everyone can be a [Read More...]

Dreams aren’t always “valid”

Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscar for an outstanding job as an actor in an important movie. Nothing bad about those facts and important to celebrate. Fortunately, Hollywood, which never loses a moment to celebrate itself, has done so. Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscar and since chances to do so (and actual wins) have been rare for [Read More...]

Oh Amy.

She says the expected, twists it, and then a sly smile, eyes half closing, appears with million dollar dental care. I have seen that smile almost all my life: Amy Grant in concert. Hidden in my office is an autographed picture of Amy that an awesome student had her sign for me. It includes a [Read More...]

Hope at 50

Marriage is glorious when married to a woman proud of turning fifty: Hope Elizabeth turns fifty and I am proud of her joy. Saint Paul urges Christians to follow his example. I honestly can urge all of us to follow Hope’s example in many areas. Hope is holy, but not sanctimonious, pious without prudery. Everybody [Read More...]

On Meaningless Dialogue: Praying to Avoid Alcibiades in Me

An academic is willing to discuss anything. A human, perhaps, should not be willing to discuss anything with anyone. For those Christians who make Socrates a hero, a pre-Christian role model for Christians, critics of Christian Socratic discourse pose a puzzle: “Will you change your mind on anything? Will you discuss anything?” I would discuss [Read More...]

The Jelly Has Departed From You: A Logical Fallacy

Once, so long ago today’s young earth creationists were all young, I was at a church youth event preparing to eat. There are no church youth events where one does not eat, but this one gave me a choice I had never had before. “Will you have peanut butter or jelly?” the nice man asked. [Read More...]

Peace! Peace!

Today the United States celebrates the work of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., particularly his work toward ending the evils of government imposed segregation and toward furthering racial reconciliation. He looked forward to a time of healing, but I am reminded that he had to fight against evil in his own day: both public and [Read More...]