Missing the Dead

I miss my Auntie Karen: gone so long. I miss my grandfathers’ example and friendship: Papaw Earl played a great game of checkers and Papaw Shelby was a master story teller. I miss my grandmothers’ practical wisdom: Nana could create an “alternate” world when we played together and Granny was wonderful at creating restful space [Read More...]

Polytheism is true, so Reject Polytheism

Silly atheist arguments are pretty common, but a champion in the category must be: “You don’t believe in Zeus, Poseidon, and other traditional gods, so all that atheists are asking is to get rid of the last god.” I have written about this verbal confusion in the past: English uses the same word for God [Read More...]

Worldview Education: the Good and the not so Good

Google “Christian worldview” and you will discover a large number of people whose profession it is to teach Christians to look at issues from a Christian perspective. The most common explanation of “worldview” is the intellectual “glasses” we use to clarify our vision of the world. Safe to say, there are two different opinions about [Read More...]

Out of the Grey and into “The City of Tranquil Light”

Good people are going into the shadows to discuss a book and a film coming out soon. I commend their courage and am glad that is not my calling. Instead of condemning the eclipse of love in pop culture, let me commend the beauty of love found in an excellent book: The City of Tranquil Light. [Read More...]

Nothing but the Blood

“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness . . .” So went the hymn from my childhood and it is stuck in my head today along with the versions my Mother and I invented when we sat in hospital waiting rooms waiting for Dad to visit the sick of our [Read More...]

End This Privilege!

Plane rides always let me listen to fascinating conversations: when you have no choice it isn’t evesdropping. Sitting behind an English graduate student and listening to her explain university life to a business guy my age was enjoyable. Each discipline has thinking, jargon, and assumptions that make it hard for outsiders to understand. I do [Read More...]

Dear Ann Spambot: So So Sad to Get Your Spam

Every so often I get the following type of email in my box: Hello Dear, My name is miss Ann Daniel I saw your Email profile today I will like to know more about you. Please if you would not mind kindly get back to me so that we can know each other better, I [Read More...]

Speed of Discussion

Speed kills cultures. At the speed of mules, Medieval people learned to discuss, debate, and decide. A certain amount of thoughfulness was possible in the lag time of copying a scroll. Burn a few copies of an intemperate letter and it was gone. At the speed of printing presses, Christians discussed with Medieval rules and [Read More...]

Aaron Rodger’s Right. . . and Wrong: How God Cares about the Packer Loss

My Super Bowl party was set. Fourth quarter and my Packers (hey, I am an owner) were in control, especially after yet another Seahawks interception. Cheese-head firmly on head, I said to Hope, also a Packer fanatic: “We have this. I mean: a touchdown, an onside kick, a touchdown? Rodgers has this.” Wrong: instead of [Read More...]

Getting It Helps Cure It: Vanauken and “A Severe Mercy”

Sin is all around and if it doesn’t make the world go round it does make the world go bad. If you are not a Christian, you might be confused about the idea of “sin” and that would mean missing a good bit of reality. Sin is real and dealing with it matters. At least [Read More...]