Candidate’s Religion Counts

Religion is the most important thing about any candidate for office. Not only should a voter consider it, a wise voter must examine it first. Of course, the stated religion of a candidate is less important than what actually forms the controlling view of reality that governs his decision-making. Joe Biden is right that his [Read More...]

Food Porn

God is so good, He makes the necessary joyful. We must eat to live, but God encourages our eating by making it pleasurable. Children must learn not to eat only for pleasure, lest they retain immature palates or become slaves tot food. Gluttony is as deadly a sin any other lust. Healthy desire and licit [Read More...]

Death to Tyranny

European history turns the mind to tyranny, especially in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Easy to condemn past tyrants, but hard to root out tyranny in parties, philosophies, or religions we favor. Easy for me to see the odium of political correctness on the Left, intolerance in secularism, and failures of Islam. Seeing my own tendencies [Read More...]

What I Learned From Prague

Prague is love. New York City is famously for lovers, but Prague is for love. Lovers might fail love, but love never fails and so Prague is greater than New York City. How can this be? I love New York, but Prague is beyond judgment. To sit on a hill overlooking the city with your [Read More...]

On Graduation

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. Real education, if you are open to it, gives you exactly this vision: Jesus, the Word of God, the personal operating system of creation, is known [Read More...]

The Five

Residents of Houston tell me they can tell I have long lived in Southern California by my use of the definite article before a highway number. One does not just drive highway five, a man motors down The Five. The definite article in danger from Twitter is evidently alive and well in So-Cal designations of [Read More...]

Lessons From My Mother

My mother is one of the wisest women I know. Many people will say that today, usually because we are so formed by a good mother that failure to recognize her wisdom would be self-loathing. To have given her full time and intellect, formidable gifts, to raising my brother and me gave us a heritage, [Read More...]

I Foretell the Future: Report at the 1/3 Mark

At the start of year I made ten predictions. Here they are with how I think they are looking: 1. President Obama will lose his reelection. The economy dooms him. There will be ups and downs, but Mitt Romney will be President-Elect Romney. I got the Republican nominee right. Romney is already in a tie [Read More...]

On Race: Progress is Not Enough- Agitate

I can’t prove it was racism, but it looked like it. While getting my shoes shined, a pleasure I rarely get, I was behind an African-American gentleman waiting for the same service. The attendant finished his first costumer, left to take care of some “business,” and only came back when the other gentleman was gone. [Read More...]

On Star Wars Day

On Star Wars Day As you gather around your Life Tree and watch the Star Wars Christmas special, take some time away from the hustle and bustle of Star Wars Day and reflect on what this day really means. When I was a boy, the movies hit a rough patch we call the 1970’s. People [Read More...]