Celebrating My One Year Anniversary with Patheos Catholic

David Russell Mosley Ordinary Time 10 June 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, Today is my one year anniversary with Patheos Catholic. I can’t believe the ways writing for Patheos have honestly changed my life. Moving Letters from the Edge of Elfland here have allowed me to interact with new and [Read More…]

A Year of Blogging in Review

David Russell Mosley http://elflandletters.wordpress.com/ 16 July 2013 Commemoration of Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury, 1099 Beeston, Nottinghamshire Dear Friends and Family, I can hardly believe I’ve been at this for a year. I’ve had many blogs in the past. I believe it all started with Xanga for me. Then I moved to a Myspace blog, then [Read More…]