My Irish Peregrination into the Catholic Church

Towards the end of college and into grad school I became enamoured, infatuated really, with Irish Christianity. [Read more…]

Keeping the Hallows in Halloween

David Russell Mosley Ordinary Time All Hallow’s Eve 2016 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, I had hoped to put together something of a ghost story for you today. Alas, a relatively busy day yesterday, and somewhat late rising this morning means my creative juices are a bit low. I hope instead [Read More…]

Celebrating Theology Faculty from the University of Nottingham: Alan Ford

Dear Friends and Family, Today I want to introduce you to the second of three Irishmen we have on faculty here at the University, Prof Alan Ford. Alan is now a Pro-Vice-Chancellor, but before he became such a big-wig in the upper echelons of academia, he taught Church history. Alan did his University training at [Read More…]

A Guide to Knowing Your Saints: St Patrick

Dear Friends and Family, Today many people will be putting on massive amounts of green, buying Guinness, or some other beer that is or has been made to look green, will put on some Flogging Molly, the Dubliners, the Irish Rovers, or the Dropkick Murpheys and will get completely hammered celebrating what they’ve come to [Read More…]