Two New Reviews of “No Easy Choice”

I’m still on something of a blogging break, though I hope to be back to five-day-a-week blogging shortly. It has been a very full week, with speaking engagements at Yale Medical School and my son’s kindergarten class (yes, my job is very fun, and eclectic!…I’ll post something about the kindergarten gig next week), a radio interview (will post links next week when it airs), and all three children sick, on different days, so that I’ve had at least one child home from school every day this week.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading several lovely reviews of my book No Easy Choice this week. Fellow West Hartford resident and novelist Susan Schoenberger reviewed the book for our local news web site. She wrote, “Dollar’s arguments, challenges and fears are expressed beautifully, honestly, and without judgment for those who might make a different decision. ‘No Easy Choice’ would make an excellent discussion book for book clubs and groups of all faith traditions.” You can read the full review here.

Mennonite pastor Melissa Florer-Bixler just posted the third in her series of reflections on No Easy Choice, this one on how our desire for biological children is complicated by the demands of our Christian faith. Melissa has previously written about her overall impression of the book and my narrative ethics approach.

About Ellen Painter Dollar

Ellen Painter Dollar is a writer focusing on faith, parenting, family, disability, and ethics. She is the author of No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Faith, and Parenthood in an Age of Advanced Reproduction (Westminster John Knox, 2012). Visit her web site at for more on her writing and speaking, and to sign up for a (very) occasional email newsletter.

  • Tim

    Well, aren’t you the busy [non]blogger! Did the kids get your tax return finished during their free afternoons?

    Congrats on all the great coverage for the book and for the kindergarten gig too. I’m looking forward to reading about your foray into the world of 5 year olds en masse.


    • Ellen Painter Dollar

      I WISH my kids had done the taxes. Maybe the outcome would have been different. And therein lies the source of some of the “money worries” I mentioned in my last post.

      The kindergarteners were great. I’ll share more next week!

      • Tim

        Ellen, I hate when the tax return shows a bigger chunk to pay than anticipated! One year it was way way bigger than we could have imagined, and it caused some distress. It passes, but that sure doesn’t mean it’s pleasant to go through.


        P.S. It’s odd how God works his timing, but I just spent the morning writing a Bible study on Psalm 55 and the theme included how to be in the Lord through distress (among other things).

        P.P.S. Easter blessings to you and the family!