4 Great Blogs I Discovered This Year

Before getting to the real topic of today’s post, I wanted to share this post from Prison Fellowship, which picked up on my mention of the Angel Tree project in last week’s post on letting our kids lead us toward giving at Christmas. This week, I’ll be posting several year-end lists, starting with today’s list [Read More...]

Learning to Love the Christmas Pageant

It’s nearly here—Christmas Eve. Dozens of cookies are stacked on my back porch, most of the gifts are wrapped and in their basement hiding place ready to be piled under the tree, the house is clean…enough. Tomorrow night, we’ll begin our celebrations with our church’s Christmas pageant, in which my oldest daughter will be an [Read More...]

My Christmas Do’s and Don’ts

Because I’ve used a lot of virtual ink over the past few weeks defending my deliberate choice to take on many time- and labor-intensive Christmas traditions, instead of slowing down and pruning my to-do list, I thought I’d wrap up this week by sharing a list of what I do—and don’t do—to get ready for [Read More...]

A Little Child Shall Lead Us

In last week’s episode of the ABC family comedy The Middle, Frankie (the mom) decides that, to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas, the kids won’t get a big haul of gifts. The kids greet this news with wide-eyed panic. When Frankie’s parents, dismayed that their grandchildren won’t get many gifts, show up Christmas morning [Read More...]

Blessed Are the Christmas-Makers

I’ve noticed a movement afoot among Christians to take back Christmas. No, I’m not talking about the perennial braying over secular America’s “war on Christmas” from those offended by “holiday” trees. (If you want to know what I think about that war on Christmas, read Sojourners’ Jim Wallis’s take on it. That pretty much sums [Read More...]

About Me


I’ve decided the best way to introduce myself and what I write about is to explain the tagline that appears in my blog header: “Parenthood, disability, ethics, and the crooked way of grace.” That said, I’m going to start by discussing a term that doesn’t actually appear in the tagline: faith. My faith perspective underlies [Read More...]

Comment Policy

Comments are welcomed and encouraged. Passionate responses and disagreements are to be expected on a blog discussing faith, reproduction, parents, children, disability and medicine. Healthy and helpful discussions will only happen if people feel safe to comment honestly, without fear of being attacked or silenced. Strong opinions and debate are welcomed, but negativity is not. [Read More...]

A Fresh Start

Welcome to my new blog here on Patheos! The time is right for me to go in some new directions with blogging, and I’m excited that the folks at Patheos invited me to do so here, in the company of so many other great writers. I encourage you to check out the company I’m keeping [Read More...]