Today’s the Day

January 17, 2012. The day my book, No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Parenthood, and Faith in an Age of Advanced Reproduction, is officially released. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the ten-year journey that led from living through the decisions Daniel and I made about having children in light of my having a [Read More...]

What My Dog is Teaching Me About Grace

Eddie's many fears include all beeping mechanical things, including cameras. This photo, taken by his foster mom before he was ours, is the best photo I have of him.

These first two months with our rescue dog, Eddie, have taught me more about grace, about unconditional love and acceptance of others as they are, than even twelve years of being a mother to three children. I’m a little embarrassed to write that, and surprised that it is true. I’ve always struggled a bit with [Read More...]

Reproductive Tourism Lays Bare the Fertility Industry’s Market Orientation

A reader sent me a link to a Slate article about the burgeoning practice of reproductive or fertility “tourism.” This is an increasingly common practice by which infertile people from one country access fertility services in another country, often for economic reasons, but also for regulatory reasons. For example, people from relatively wealthy Western nations [Read More...]

Check Out My New Web Site!

I finally have a dedicated author web site at A big thanks to Marc Miller of Big Ocean Studios for creating my site within a tight budget. I highly recommend him to any authors or other folk who need a nice web site but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend! I invite you [Read More...]

5 Reasons I’m Ignoring Your Healthy-Eating Advice

Eating better to improve health and/or lose weight tops many New Year’s resolution lists. Most of us know our dietary pitfalls—for example, I don’t eat as many veggies as I should because I hate chopping stuff—and what we should do to eat more healthfully. Yet we often don’t. Once, when I was complaining to a [Read More...]

It Only Took 10 Years

This month my book, No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Parenthood, and Faith in an Age of Advanced Reproduction, will be released. As with nearly any book, particularly a first one, the journey to this milestone was a long one. It started 10 years ago when, in 2002, Daniel and I decided to use [Read More...]

10 Favorite Blog Posts from 2011

I thought I’d join the blogger bandwagon and finish up my week of year-end lists with a list of my top blog posts from 2011. Because this blog is only two weeks old, I’m including links to five favorite posts from each of my former blogs. I should note that these are a subjective choice. [Read More...]

My 6 Favorite Books of 2011

My big Christmas gift this year was a Kindle Fire from my mom and dad. Despite the Fire’s well-publicized flaws, I have quickly become enamored of having an e-reader. When I found myself the day after Christmas without a book to read, I just clicked on the handy link to the New York Times bestseller [Read More...]