Narrative Ethics as “Educational Storytelling”

I mentioned in Tuesday’s post that in a recent radio interview, the host referred to what I do in No Easy Choice as “educational storytelling.” I and several readers (thanks Alison and Rachel!) think that’s an excellent term for what I’m doing. By sharing my own story and contemplating the stories of others, I hope [Read More…]

A Haiku About Gallbladder Surgery (Yes, Really)

Rather frequently, someone asks me if I ever expect to write fiction. My answer: To me, fiction writing is a sort of magic. It is miraculous, this process of creating fully formed human characters from one’s imagination and writing multi-layered, moving, thrilling, tears-and-laughter-inducing stories about them. I can’t begin to imagine how one performs such [Read More…]

A Conversation About Reproductive Decisions and Faith

I was privileged to have a wonderful conversation several weeks ago with Martha Manikas-Foster, who hosts a show called Inside Out for Family Life Radio. Martha and I have talked and corresponded over the past couple of years about several topics, most recently my book No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Parenthood, and Faith [Read More…]

A Few of Many Good Words Spoken

I returned yesterday from the biannual Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was everything I expected it to be, and nothing like what I expected it to be. I did much less “schmoozing” and making connections (with book sales in mind) than I expected. I did much more sitting, listening, and [Read More…]

Another Blogging Break Ahead…

Yes, I realize I haven’t gotten back to a full blogging schedule since my last (very recent) blogging break. But I’m taking this week off of blogging as well. My kids are on school vacation, and on Wednesday I leave for the Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve been looking forward [Read More…]

Patheos (& Other) Peeps: Alison Hodgson on Etiquette for Perilous Times

Every Friday, I post a link to a blog post, sometimes written by one of my fellow bloggers at Patheos, a web portal devoted to religion and spirituality, and sometimes by another blogger whose work I admire. I encourage my blog readers to click through to read these posts, comment, and if you like what [Read More…]

Writing 101 (for the Kindergarten Set)

It’s been a busy week of speaking engagements for me—one radio interview, one TV interview, and three talks, at the Yale Medical Library, my church women’s group, and my son’s kindergarten. My kids have the privilege of attending a school where the arts, particularly creative writing, are a big focus. This year, each kindergarten student [Read More…]

Welcome to the “Best Thing Blog Hop”

Blogging provides writers like me with lots of opportunities—to publish and reach audiences without going through lengthy (and often demoralizing!) editorial selection processes, to market books, to test new ideas that might later become a full-fledged article or book. But the blogosphere can be a difficult and frustrating workplace as well, for lots of reasons. [Read More…]