Five Really Bad Excuses for Parking in a Handicapped Space When You Shouldn’t


Several years ago, I drove my daughter Leah to school one icy morning. Because slippery, icy sidewalks are a danger to people like us with fragile bones, I pulled into the parking lot closest to the school entrance, where there are two handicapped spaces. Both spaces were full. This is not an unusual occurrence. One [Read More...]

Six Ways to Be Hospitable Toward People with Disabilities


Update: This post refers to people with physical disabilities. I would love to hear hospitality ideas from people who live with intellectual disabilities, hearing and vision impairment, mental illness, and other conditions. If you are a blogger with an expertise in those areas, consider writing a “six ways to be hospitable” post of your own [Read More...]

Why Prenatal Screening for Gender and for Disabilities are Not the Same

When writing about reproductive ethics, I’m not in the business of telling people what to do. Occasionally, however, I offer my opinion on particular uses of reproductive technology. One practice that I find unacceptable is gender selection of embryos and fetuses for non-medical reasons. (A medical reason for gender selection would be if a family [Read More...]

Family Portrait: September 29, 2003

*This is an excerpt from the introduction to my book, No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Parenthood, and Faith in an Age of Advanced Reproduction, which will be released next Tuesday, January 17, by Westminster John Knox Press.* We have been in the emergency room (ER) for several hours and have reached that point [Read More...]