MOMumental: A Parenting Book Even I Can Endorse

Let’s be clear: I do not “do” parenting books. I don’t read books about how to be a better mother (or, for that matter, how to follow a menu plan that will make me feel 10 years younger, or how to know God better). In my experience, self-help/advice books don’t really change me for the [Read More…]

How a Diagnosis Can Both Help and Hurt

Looking back again at my post last week on prenatal screening for disabilities, I was arguing that many diagnoses (including my own bone disorder) have inherent qualities that cause suffering; that is, I believe that the suffering of disabilities does not stem solely from social exclusion, lack of accommodation, and cultural tendencies to see people [Read More…]

What My Dog is Teaching Me About Grace

These first two months with our rescue dog, Eddie, have taught me more about grace, about unconditional love and acceptance of others as they are, than even twelve years of being a mother to three children. I’m a little embarrassed to write that, and surprised that it is true. I’ve always struggled a bit with [Read More…]

5 Reasons I’m Ignoring Your Healthy-Eating Advice

Eating better to improve health and/or lose weight tops many New Year’s resolution lists. Most of us know our dietary pitfalls—for example, I don’t eat as many veggies as I should because I hate chopping stuff—and what we should do to eat more healthfully. Yet we often don’t. Once, when I was complaining to a [Read More…]