Interview With Jonathan Dudley & David Hayward

Last Thursday we had a chance to speak with Jonathan Dudley about his book BrokenWords.  Victoria and I also spoke with  David Hayward about The Lasting Supper.comHere is the audio:Here is the video: … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Spiritual Friendship – Doug Pagitt Radio Interview with Love & Salt authors

We had the privilege on Doug Pagitt Radio of interviewing Amy Andrews and Jessica Griffith about their book  Love and Salt - A Spiritual Friendship Shared in Letters.The audio is here.Video is here. … [Read more...]

The Idolatry of God – Doug Pagitt in conversation with Peter Rollins

Victoria and I talked with Pete Rollins about his book The Idolatry of God on Doug Pagitt Radio this morning.You can watch the video, listen to audio or subscribe to the show. Video here.Audio hereSubscribe to the show here. … [Read more...]

Refuse to do Nothing – an Interview

I was provildege to talk with Kimberly Yim the author of Refuse to do Nothing: Finding Your Power to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery on Doug Pagitt Radio today.Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - … [Read more...]

The need for a new kind of Atheism

I chatted with Kile Jones about the "emerging atheism" that I see developing in our culture. I find it to be an important part of the landscape of religion and faith in our world.Videos are below - you can get the audio of this show and all the Doug Pagitt Radio show here. … [Read more...]

Why all canonized authority is a bad thing

I interviewed Chris Haw on his book From Willow Creek To Sacred Heart where Chris tells his path from protestantism to Catholicism.In the interview I asked him to evangelisze me to his view. I will post videos at a later time where he does, in part, succeed in converting me.In this short clip we are talking about if there is a need for a "canonized" authority in Christianity at all. He suggest the church is better than the bible as a canon and I suggest there is no need, in fact we … [Read more...]

Peace In Peace Out – Doug Pagitt’s Conversation with Joan Steffend

I had the privilege of talking with Joan Steffend about her book Peace In Peace Out on my show today.I have known Joan for a few years and have been a fan of hers since she was on KARE11 in the Twin Cities and on Decorating Cents on HGTV.Now she is doing interesting work around Peace initiatives.Here is our conversation: … [Read more...]

The Post-Black and Post-White Church – A conversation with Efrem Smith

I talked with Efrem Smith about his book, The Post-Black & Post-White Church on my Radio Show.Here is the Audio and Video of this fun and lively conversation. … [Read more...]


I chatted with Clay Morgan on my Radio Show about his book Undead.He has a nice take on what it means to be people who live full and enriched lives and gets at the idea from the lens of Zombies. … [Read more...]

Sexual Addiction: an insider story

Today on my Radio Show I talked with TC Ryan about his book Ashamed No More: A pastors journey through sexual addiction.In the book Tom gives an insider understanding the issues facing not only pastors but anyone struggling with addiction.(you can keep up with all the Doug Pagitt Radio Videos on Youtube here and subscribe to the Audio Podcast here and connect to the Radio Show website here and Doug Pagitt on Facebook here)Here is part 1 of the conversation:Here is part 2 of … [Read more...]