Lines at Easter

I am an amateur poet. Well, more precisely I scribble on paper and end up throwing it next to my bed in my ever growing pile of papers, or if it’s lucky it ends up in a binder. Whatever that is called, that is what I do. The majority of my poetry focuses on nature, philosophy or love. However, I have long desired to write a poem that would reflect the inner emotions I feel toward God. Unfortunately, any time I have attempted this in the past, it ended up sounding cliché. You know how it is - in y … [Read more...]

the c(h)urch is killing the (o)ther [Video]

INTRO: the other is that which is different to us. that which is foreign or even monstrous to us and our sensibilities. historically, the church has struggled not only to engage with the other, but also to allow the other to maintain that which makes them other. this video is about why that needs to change (Turn your speakers up!) Quote at the beginning of the Video:As opposed to the official feast, one might say that carnival celebrated temporary liberation from the … [Read more...]

Am I Fallen or Falling; Am I Depraved or Lost?


I remember when I was a child having this dream that I was falling into some black abyss of nothingness. It's really strange to have this constant feel of weightlessness. This of course is quite different from those dreams we all have of falling some short distance. We have this incredible sense of panic, which only lasts as long as our short fall. After we have fallen we usually awake to a more tranquil setting - laying in the comfort of our beds. We say things like "man I am glad that was only … [Read more...]

7 April 2012

7 April 2012Holy Saturday…...what a strange name for a day. Yet it has always seemed to me to be eerily appropriate in the same way that the striking of the hall clock just at midnight every night seems to me to be strangely holy. There is that quiet, as if the whole house were waiting for the dull, flat striking, the close counting out. And when it is done, one can almost hear the house settling down at last into today; for today was what the house, and we with it, had been waiting … [Read more...]

There Is No Virtual Ecclesia

discoll can

In the early 50’s when Robert Schuller and others across the nation combined a growing car culture with “Church” they believed they were reaching a segment of the population traditional church wouldn’t or couldn’t. Drive-In church allowed parishioners to attend, hear a sermon, sing some songs, even receive communion and give- all without the fuss and muss of face-to-face interaction beyond a passing usher with elements and a communion plate or maybe being greeted by a through-the-window handshake … [Read more...]

Strange Christianity Made in America: Part II by Randy Woodley


The customs of the Nacirema, a still very poorly understood tribal group, came to the attention of anthropologists about forty years ago. They are a North American group living in the territory roughly between the Cree and the Tarahumare tribal groups. Little is known of their origin, although tradition states that they came from the east.In the mid-seventies a group of anthropologists formalized the studies of this very strange and powerful culture. I’ve dusted off an old copy of their s … [Read more...]

OMG—My Brackets are SO BUSTED!

This blog post is SO late, but I decided to write it using March Madness—the NCAA Basketball tournament as a clever metaphor. Then two #2 seeded teams were beaten by two #15 seeded teams, something that has NEVER happened in the history of the tournament and I realized that the unexpected in a college basketball tournament is more than a clever metaphor—it is a laboratory of contemporary life. “March Madness” is an interesting distraction that has evolved into a significant American culture athl … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll and Accountability

A number of years ago I was surprised by a phone call from someone high up in the Acts 29 network, the church planting organization started by Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill church in Seattle.The call was precipitated by some blogging I had done about Mark; the long and short of it was Mark had made some reckless and frankly crude comments in a public forum about an old friend and a goat. It was beyond the pale and he later apologized after inspiring the first of many internet uproars over his … [Read more...]

A Seat at The Table: Negative Space, Part II, The Art of Doing Nothing

I wrote last month about the value of 'negative space' in worship settings, but the same principle has similar effects in the life of the larger organization.  Of course most reasonable people would look at flat churches, offer an exasperated sigh, and say, "Organization?  What organization? I don't see any!"  And while it is true that there is a lack of top-down structure, even grassroots emergence churches will often naturally employ the use of negative space to get certain jobs done.At Co … [Read more...]

Why We Can’t Win In Afghanistan by Randy Woodley

Old Geronimo

(Note: I am interrupting my own series on Strange Religion: American Dualism because of the urgency of this situation. Life interrupts perceived reality. A recent ABC News - Washington Post poll ( shows that 60 percent of U.S. citizens believe the war in Afghanistan is not worth its costs. These cost are both monetary and counted in the loss of human life. Although the slaying of … [Read more...]