Truth Without God (The End of Metaphysics Series)

At the fundamental level, quantum mechanics authoritatively and indisputably states that there exists no objective reality that would explain all subjective viewpoints as its reflections. - Landau  In a world where we recognize that God is not a sovereign being, is a world where we realize that freedom has no limits. Now, for many this is already an issue, because the general popularized view that is irresponsibly borrowed from a historical religious hangover, is that to be human is to … [Read more...]

Five Hopeful Things You Can Do in 2015

By today, January 8th, everyone’s holidays are pretty much over. The Hanukkah candles are stored for another year. Kwanzaa on its way out on January 1st greeted the New Year, and the Christian Christmas season ended on the 6th with Epiphany. Relatives who traveled to be with you for the holidays have already returned to their jobs and lives at home.Now what? How do we keep the joy and hope alive as we face the wintry months and holiday bills ahead? How do we remember the love when we’re a … [Read more...]

(non)Corporate Best Practices: Preaching in the Age of Emergence

One of the hopes for this communal blog is for it to become a place where we can share what's working in our communities of faith.  To that end, I'd like to share some thoughts about the evolution of preaching in emergence communities.  These independent groups are not all alike but they do share many similarities, even if they are unaware of one another.  In the parlance of emergence, this is known as 'non-identical repetition'.  So these are notes from one particular person (me) about one par … [Read more...]

Welcome to #EV2015: Hope, Faith, Selma & The Year of the Sheep

Greetings Emerging Voices!We are officially into #EV2015, although as I begin to write this post at 6pm on December 31st, 2014 we are teetering on the precipice of tomorrow, and tomorrow’s tomorrows. In this place of waiting I am hopeful, maybe even surprisingly hopeful, surprising even myself. A Year In ReviewThe year 2014 was a year of  transition and chaos, pain and rebirth, possibilities and crushing spiritual defeats for many of us in many ways. It has been a time of in … [Read more...]

This Little Light of Mine

2014 has been a tumultuous year to say the least.  Publicly, some amazing things have happened and some tragic things.  Globally, we have seen wars and disease, seemingly on the rise.  At the same time, global poverty is on the decline, pointing to some progress made by those working so hard to end extreme global poverty (down by 50% in less than 20 years)*. Domestically, we have seen deaths from police violence against people of color, seemingly without consequence, which is a most disturbing th … [Read more...]

Love Your Neighbor

I have lived almost six decades. I am a simple person and I like my life uncomplicated. I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother.  I am enrolled Secwepemc First Nation from my mother’s side, and Cherokee on my father’s side. I am Christian. I am Episcopalian.The messages that Jesus shared with us were simple. From Matthew 22:36-40 (New International Version), he is asked what is the greatest commandment. Jesus replies: “‘Love the Lord your God … [Read more...]

Killjoy Prophets: Shalom, Palestine and our Uncle CUFI

Merry Christmas from the Killjoy Prophets! We love the holidays as much as anyone. Sure, we don’t love the rampant consumerism or the fruit cake, but we love giving gifts, baking, singing Handel’s Messiah, reading the Magnificat with family, and feasting with friends. We even love mixing it up occasionally with our toxic uncle whose political views we find troubling. Sometimes we just down an extra drink and let him ramble on, sometimes we go to another room, but sometimes you just have to throw … [Read more...]

O Come O Come Emmanuel

Tomorrow is Christmas, and as a friend said to me recently, it’s poised to be a decidedly minor key holiday. In the past few months we have mourned the tragic deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice. Now we grieve the loss of two New York City Police officers, whose murder has been co-opted by talking heads and exploited to justify more partisan bickering.While this Christmas seems unusually shrouded in tragedy, I am keenly aware that many of us normally experience a h … [Read more...]


I am starting to think that all these holidays jammed up next to each other is a plot to keep the common folk in line. Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years all in the course of two months. And forget about quiet reflection during Advent. So, looking back on the year for most of us hits briefly for about a week. Then we’re back in it for another year.So, before we exchange gifts and drink too much egg nog, let’s reflect on the past year and not miss the fact that we’ve got what … [Read more...]

Historic Symposium on the Future

Carl Sagan famously wrote, "How is it that hardly any major religion has looked at science and concluded, 'This is better than we thought! The universe is much bigger than our prophets said — grander, subtler, more elegant. God must be even greater than we dreamed.'? … A religion old or new that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths.  Sooner or later, such a reli … [Read more...]