Remove the Chains

Free those who are wrongly imprisoned;     lighten the burden of those who work for you. Let the oppressed go free,     and remove the chains that bind people.  Isaiah 58:6  (NLT) Callings are not always welcomed. They sound lofty and spiritual, but they really are a heavy burden if you don’t know how to follow them; my guess is that most of us are more like Jonah than Noah. What difference can one person make anyway? There is doubt that we heard anything at all, not to mention the fear of t … [Read more...]

Sleeping outside. Veterans and Homelessness

Veterans and Homelessness A scraggly beard covered his face. His brown eyes gleamed with a thousand sentiments and thoughts. He smiled at the children who walked past him. A Church bus pulled up south of trinity on Peachtree Street. 15 Korean Presbyterians ministers hit the pavement with tables, an audio system, and hot chili. The young worship leader grabbed his guitar and did a mike check. Jamie sat up from his reclined position against the small Maple tree that adorned the concrete. He said, … [Read more...]

Did Jesus Struggle With Racism?

    For centuries now, the divinity of Jesus Christ has been under fire. Whether this man from Nazareth was actually God, or was it all just a literary plot to perpetuate one of the largest world religions today, these are the questions that are currently being asked across many platforms today. Honestly, I think it's the wrong issue to be focused on. Whether Jesus was divine or not, or fully-divine, or fully-human, or whether you can have coffee without caffeine or not, these questions, at the e … [Read more...]

Walk Towards the Light

A week ago Sunday I led an Adult Christian forum between services at a Denver church with a real heart for social justice. My topic was “The Gospel Imperative to Do Social Justice: Living into God’s Vision of Shalom.”I chose two Bible verses to highlight:ISAIAH 1:17 (NRSV)                         learn to do good;                    seek justice,                         rescue the oppressed,                    defend the orphan,                         plead for the wi … [Read more...]

Killjoy Prophets: A Response to Tony Jones’ “In Praise of Empires”

By Daniel Fan News Flash: White Cis Hetero Male finds Empire Not So Bad After All A response to Tony Jones’ “In Praise of Empires”Courtney and I are in Rome this week, compliments of Focus Features and A Different Drummer, to visit the set of a movie based on Anne Rice’s novel, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. We are embargoed from writing anything about the movie (yet), but my fifteenth trip to the Eternal City has brought on some thoughts.Among Christianity’s critics from within — esp … [Read more...]

Emergence in Empire

It's a four-year-old's game of infinite regression, yet more profound than she can possibly know."Daddy, what would we do if we couldn't buy gas?," she asks with an impish grin when she knows she should be eating breakfast.I will play the game if she'll have another bite.  "Well, sweetie, I guess we'd go to a different gas station!""And what if that gas station was out of gas too?  And the other one. What if all of them were out of gas?"Pushing back flashbacks to my favorite TV sh … [Read more...]

What do Pee Wee Herman and Non-Attachment have in common?

Two days ago I purchased my monthly copy of Mantra Yoga+Health magazine. I was anticipating my "highlight" as I had submitted an answer to the question 'What's the craziest thing you've ever done forL O V E?'. I had answered in an honest way that is uniquely me; expressing my voice and hoping to marry my emergent Christian faith with my yogic sensibilities.No sign of my Joe Longo pic I submitted, no talk of foot washing humility....hmmmm?The mind begins its judging. First, aimed … [Read more...]

Progressive Brands, Sexism & DudeBro Politics: #CloseGamerGate

This is a guest post by Rod T. Rod is one of the founding members of Killjoy Prophets, a writer, and supervillain at large. He blogs at Political Jesus and can be followed on Twitter at h00die_R.“Because this was now being handled in public, I was fortunate to receive the support of hundreds of people on Twitter – as well as attacks from others. I always expect some form of trolling, but I did not expect one of the attackers to be an editor at Salon, Elias Isquith, who questioned what my pot … [Read more...]

Black to the Mothership

By Micky ScottBey JonesSpaceships. Neon Slaves. Androids. A Metropolis.Not the usual ingredients for a theological discussion.A world that is “now and not yet” - existing in our hearts and minds - in our imaginations - with only glimpses breaking through in lived experience - that could describe what Jesus called the kingdom of God, yet I feel like it also describes the worlds of Afrofuturism.Dare we imagine a future that doesn’t seem possible in order to bring forth an impos … [Read more...]

Why Religion Needs “Nones”

In 2012, a Pew Foundation Survey on religion revealed the rising number of religiously unaffiliated Americans — sometimes referred to as “the rise of the Nones” (not to be confused with “The Rise of the Nuns,” a movie script that’s been floating around in my head since the day I discovered “nunzilla”). Of course, labeling millions of people “Nones” (as if they stand for nothing) is a bit disingenuous. In reality, the study showed that most of the Nones self-identify as “spiritual but not religiou … [Read more...]