What do Pee Wee Herman and Non-Attachment have in common?

Two days ago I purchased my monthly copy of Mantra Yoga+Health magazine. I was anticipating my "highlight" as I had submitted an answer to the question 'What's the craziest thing you've ever done forL O V E?'. I had answered in an honest way that is uniquely me; expressing my voice and hoping to marry my emergent Christian faith with my yogic sensibilities.No sign of my Joe Longo pic I submitted, no talk of foot washing humility....hmmmm?The mind begins its judging. First, aimed … [Read more...]

Progressive Brands, Sexism & DudeBro Politics: #CloseGamerGate

This is a guest post by Rod T. Rod is one of the founding members of Killjoy Prophets, a writer, and supervillain at large. He blogs at Political Jesus and can be followed on Twitter at h00die_R.“Because this was now being handled in public, I was fortunate to receive the support of hundreds of people on Twitter – as well as attacks from others. I always expect some form of trolling, but I did not expect one of the attackers to be an editor at Salon, Elias Isquith, who questioned what my pot … [Read more...]

Black to the Mothership

By Micky ScottBey JonesSpaceships. Neon Slaves. Androids. A Metropolis.Not the usual ingredients for a theological discussion.A world that is “now and not yet” - existing in our hearts and minds - in our imaginations - with only glimpses breaking through in lived experience - that could describe what Jesus called the kingdom of God, yet I feel like it also describes the worlds of Afrofuturism.Dare we imagine a future that doesn’t seem possible in order to bring forth an impos … [Read more...]

Why Religion Needs “Nones”

In 2012, a Pew Foundation Survey on religion revealed the rising number of religiously unaffiliated Americans — sometimes referred to as “the rise of the Nones” (not to be confused with “The Rise of the Nuns,” a movie script that’s been floating around in my head since the day I discovered “nunzilla”). Of course, labeling millions of people “Nones” (as if they stand for nothing) is a bit disingenuous. In reality, the study showed that most of the Nones self-identify as “spiritual but not religiou … [Read more...]

Musings: On Wealth and Power

Power does funny things to people.Lately we’ve seen what can happen when people in positions of power aren’t held accountable. People are hurt. Relationships broken. Trust betrayed.When the Mark Driscolls of this world are faced with criticism (especially from people they’ve hurt), they come up with Proverbs or historical quotes to make them look like the victim or to restore their self-image. They are “God’s man on the planet for such a time as this” and "Who are you to question God’s an … [Read more...]

Calling My Spirit Back

Mitakuyepi (All my relations),Cante waste ya nape ciyu zape ye (I greet you from my heart).My English name is Emma (Trimble) Eagle Heart-White and my Lakota name is Wanbli Wiyaka Win (Eagle Feather Woman). I am from the Lacreek District of the Pine Ridge Reservation home of the Oglala Lakota Nation.  I am a baptized and confirmed Episcopalian.  I, also, follow traditional Lakota spirituality and ceremonies.My twin sister, Sarah (Trimble) Eagle Heart, and I were raised by our maternal … [Read more...]

Why Evangelize Evolution?

I’m often asked, “Why do you evangelize evolution? What ‘good news’ does science offer?” The following is my typical response...I used to be confused by many aspects of the world, including my inner world. Thanks to an embrace of big history as my creation story, I no longer am. I now have a depth of understanding that saints and sages down through the ages, including the biblical writers themselves, never imagined possible.I used to struggle with temptations and what I considered “sinful … [Read more...]

The Healing Circle

What can we do to heal ourselves? How can we begin to heal from the sin of racism? Sin keeps us from being in full relationship with our Creator and each other.Circles are strong symbols in many Native cultures. In nature, we see the sun, moon, Earth, and stars as circles. The seasons seem circular from the coldness and quiet of winter, to new growth in the spring and summer, and harvest time during the autumn. Life is a circle.From my classes at the Native Ministries Consortium at the … [Read more...]

Let It Go by Riley O’Brien Powell

I’m reminded that there are times in life when its good to give in, to let go. When sensing the momentum and giving ourselves over to the process is what is most helpful in order for our purpose to be accomplished.Let’s just jump right in and get up close and personal. I’m Riley, pictured above, in labor. A few weeks ago I gave birth to my fourth child. At home. In my bathtub. Yes, on purpose. Its not that we were just too lazy to get ourselves to the hospital. And its not that we are frivo … [Read more...]

A Muslim and Atheist Team up to Promote Freedom of Conscience

I was born in Pakistan, completed my medical school there and then moved to the United States for specialized medical training. I also moved to escape the horrid persecution my Islamic sect – the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - faces back home. In America, I could enjoy all the freedoms I was denied under Pakistan’s law, most importantly the freedom of speech. I therefore set out to use social media to raise my voice for freedom of conscience world over – and specifically in the ‘Muslim world.’ … [Read more...]