Richard Twiss’ Memorial Talk by Randy Woodley

Randy's House - International Welcome 037

They say only love can break your heart. Since I first got the news of Richard’s heart attack, like you, my heart has been broken. But, it also feels like my whole life has been broken, or like one of my legs has been cut off. Richard’s Lakota name was translated  “He Stands With His People” but there were many ways in which Richard helped me to stand.We began phone calls and emails 16 years ago. We were both very critical of each other in our approach to Native American culturally contextu … [Read more...]

Prayer Letters

Some thoughts on prayer about which I'd love to hear from you. … [Read more...]

#SKEPTIMERGENT: convince an atheist of process

Welcome to our first official video project!Please take a few minutes and watch the following intro video:(I recorded and uploaded this video to YouTube in about five minutes. It's super easy to do!)For reference, here are the questions I listed:What is gained by embracing a process approach toward reality that would not be gained via other approaches? What kinds of questions does process answer that cannot be answered by a rigid naturalism? What are some of the … [Read more...]

Indian in Another Place © 2006 Randy Woodley

brumfield 2

  i find myself locked inside this concrete maze to fulfill some ill-conceived expectation chained to the conversations of ten thousand people saying nothing together in bizarre concert my heart screams in silence escape...find the earth and let her hold you before peace is illusive and honor can not be claimed. **** the hostile city lights reflect against store front mirrors preaching the obscene echoes of obtrusive billboards my eyes squint as they wound my soul and i stand … [Read more...]

beyond good and evil?

One of the most common questions in religion, philosophy and psychology is, "Are people born good or evil?" This used to be a really interesting question to me. I'm not really sure why. Back in my cool guy TULIP days, I needed people to be super evil so that my Big God could be more awesomer. When I was looking into new agey type stuff, I wanted people to be good. But, what if neither of these answers actually work?What if it's actually a bad question? Not bad as in evil, but bad as in unans … [Read more...]

The Busy (c) 2003 Randy S. Woodley

The busy, dizzy bustle in this lonely, lonely world. Traffic moving forward. People moving back. More lights—the world’s a brighter place but look… Progressing dimness here in my soul. Hide the dimness—up the lights. Yell, at this world—yell at myself. Float my deepest feelings on national air waves Alone, I stay in the shallows.The busy, dizzy bustle in this growing, lonely world. Turn up the music—drown out the sound. Get louder the voices speaking from my soul. Sincere regrets br … [Read more...]

Poetry: American Sons by Randy Woodley

Today, I'm posting about the American enterprise of war but really more about how precious is each person's life and the cost of war to our humanity. "American Sons" is the poem. I apologize to all women because our daughters are now being sent to the front lines but when I wrote this poem, it was not the case. I beg your indulgence.American Sons by Randy Woodley © 2000 At what cost O God has this country been born? That of a fifteen year old Cherokee boy, Bird Clan-His Father’s only so … [Read more...]

#progGOD Challenge: Beautiful Terrible Reckless Love.

It is once again time for a #progGOD challenge. Tony Jones called all us emergent-y types to write on the meaning and, potentially, necessity for the crucifixion. Here's what I had to say: "Because this great love can move us to do wonderful and amazing things, but it can also make us furious, jealous, or even vengeful when we can’t seem to look past our own selfishness and let love abide. It is especially threatening to those of us with great privilege, as this love requires us to let go of the … [Read more...]


Orphans   Quite by chance I saw an article explaining how Roman fathers would keep their hands folded when presented with their newborn children. They had the choice to except or reject paternity. To reject meant the child would be cast onto the street to be at the mercy of passers-by or carrion for hungry birds. Open arms meant life, love and a future as a child of the father.  Within Roman society formal adoption was common amongst higher ranking citizens an … [Read more...]

Poetry : Randy Woodley, The Haunting (A Tribute to Richard Twiss)

Richard, Randy, Terry, Jeanine, Asbury

Over the next several months I will be posting some of my poetry every Wednesday. Why? I feel like too many words are going out all around us with too little credence given them. It is difficult to hear through too many words, which often excuses us from doing. Sometimes a song or a poem can change the way we hear things or even change a life. For now, I'll keep my songs hidden and just share poetry. My poetry covers a wide variety of topics, all I feel are relevant to Emergence and the churches … [Read more...]