People of God Rise Up!

It takes a high level of organizing skill to pull off mobilizations like we just saw in NYC for climate justice. It also takes training and movement building to achieve peace among 300,000 people in the streets. What I hope people realize is that the People's Climate March and Occupy are all expressions of intentional movement building toward building strategic and collective people power that has been going on for 30+ years. We activists train our butts off.Movements are not institutions so … [Read more...]

I Just Can’t Quit You

Sometimes I wonder what I’m still doing here in this conversation. Of all the friends who have been down the road of deconstruction with me, so many have moved on to other communities, other practices, other faiths, or no faith at all. I can’t say that I blame them. Sometimes coming to  a Christian church, whether it identifies as emergent, evangelical, mainline, or progressive, feels like going to a dry well. So much of the language and practices I find in the church no longer resonate with me. … [Read more...]

Killjoy Prophets: Troubling and Broadening Our Visions of Liberation

As a Filipina who is passionate about combining racial justice and feminist activism with my Christian faith, I can tell you my journey has been both turbulent and life-giving.The isolation I have felt because of this commitment to both racial justice and feminism in secular spaces has been painful. As a woman of color I refuse to be segmented. I refuse to be forced to choose between my commitments to ending both racism and the oppression of women. Intersectionality is not just a theory, … [Read more...]

I can’t believe

I don't want to write a post about Ferguson.Or racism.Or even go all-in and nod to my patron saint of womanism, bell hooks by writing about White supremacist imperialist hetero-patriarchy.Like one of my many heroes from the Ferguson protests: smileycreek, Flickr I can't believe people still want to argue about race being an issue.I can't believe I still have to be a modern Clare Huxtable to prove I'm not lazy but know all the lyrics to Nicki Minaj songs at a party to prove I'm … [Read more...]

Our Pain’s Meeting

Over the past three years I have been in a process of learning, unlearning, and trying again. Emergence has given me a language for this wrestling match, a divine lexicon for the struggle. In light of my journey, I want to explore what faith can look like when we find ourselves caught between belief and skepticism; hope and despair; human questions and divine … [Read more...]

Black Jesus

I love Black Jesus.I don’t mean the Everlast song—though that is a good one. I mean the series from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim created by Aaron MacGruder of Boondocks fame.Gerald "Slink" Johnson stars as a tall, warm-hearted Jesus living in South Central LA. His closest friends are former convicts, drug dealers and a bum who betrays him regularly. He even consistently shows love to Vic (played by Charlie Murphy) despite Vic's attempts to expose Jesus as some sort of fraudulent cult lead … [Read more...]

Remembering James

When my son James was born we considered him our miracle baby. While I had three successful pregnancies with his two older sisters and brother, my second husband and I had struggled with two miscarriages before he was born. We were delighted that our newborn was healthy and surprisingly had a full head of thick, long, black hair. He would be the only child my husband and I could have together as we suffered four more miscarriages after his birth.One New Year’s Eve when his older siblings w … [Read more...]

The Re-Indigenisation of faith, indigenous people groups and Scottish Independence

As I write from St Albans just north of London UK the people of Scotland are voting on whether to become an independent nation and no longer part of the United Kingdom. By the time this post is published we will know the outcome. I have mixed feelings about this. I have no Scottish heritage, though my wife’s family in part trace their heritage to Scottish farmers who came down with the last Catholic Scots claimant to the throne, Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745 to invade England and ended up as f … [Read more...]

Gospel Novum

At this time, Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. The moment he came out of the water, he saw the sky split open and God’s Spirit, looking like a dove, come down on him. Along with the Spirit, a voice: “You are my Son, chosen and marked by my love, pride of my life.”After John was arrested, Jesus went to Galilee preaching the Message of God: “Time’s up! God’s kingdom is here. Change your life and believe the Message.” (‭Mark‬ ‭1‬:‭9-11, 14-15‬ MSG)N … [Read more...]

Learning Action and Contemplation at Richard Rohr’s Living School

Richard Rohr’s new Living School for Action and Contemplation has launched a new synthesis of Christian learning for which I believe the world is waiting. Nearly 1,500 people converged in New Mexico two weeks ago for Rohr’s second Conspire conference and Living School Symposium. Our vocations differed and our geographical homes stretched from Vancouver to Tokyo, but we all shared a common thirst to drink from the well of mystical Christianity. The all-star roster of teachers included Epi … [Read more...]