BEST EVOLUTION RESOURCES: Evolution as Inspiring, Meaningful Fact


Not long ago I was interviewed on radio by an intelligent design creationist who kept insisting, "There is absolutely no evidence for evolution!" I was amazed that this person was either unaware or dismissive of what God has revealed in recent centuries about cosmic, Earth, geological, biological, and human history (known collectively as "big history" or "the epic of evolution" or "The Great Story"). Before the interview ended, I determined to write this blog post that offers links to some of t … [Read more...]

Sacred Science Music Video, by Peter Mayer: “My Soul”

I am thrilled to introduce the Emergent Village community to the work of singer-songwriter Peter Mayer, who presents a sacred view of our evolving universe and our human journey in emotionally powerful and bridge-building ways. My wife, Connie Barlow, periodically collaborates with Peter by turning some of her most evocative photographs (gathered during our ten years of traveling North America) into moving images to illustrate his lyrics, and then posting the finished music video on YouTube. To … [Read more...]

Idolatry of the Written Word


Connie Barlow, my science writer wife, and I have been traveling North America for ten years as evolutionary evangelists. We have addressed more than 1,600 religious and non-religious groups—ranging from Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical Christian churches, to New Thought, New Age, and Eastern spirituality groups, to Unitarian Universalists and secular high school, college, and university students. Our passion, our calling, is showing how a science-based view of human nature, death, and the t … [Read more...]

Postcards from Claremont: Final Reflections on Process Theology Conference

Process and Emergence in Creative TransformationCreative transformation is at the heart of process theology.  With the apostle Paul, process theology counsels us, “be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing your mind.”  Healthy spirituality involves a constant process of growth and renewal, of growing like young Jesus, in wisdom and stature – in awareness of God’s presence in the small and the large; in ability to embrace as much reality – and novelty and diversity – … [Read more...]

Secret Stones

I find it very sad when we become trapped and unable to live freely as a result of oppressive people and institutions, religious and otherwise. But it is even more tragic when we remain trapped long after those who hurt us are gone. This untitled poem is for all of us who have experienced this or been in relationships with those who have.I know secrets hang from your heart dense stones open the windowswings will sprout then fly my love when did you forget you are … [Read more...]

Postcards from Claremont: Part 2

Emergent Village Conference on Process Theology:  Day 2Christology is not a Disease, but a Pathway to Finding God Everywhere“If Jesus Christ is the center, there is no boundary.”  My friend, teacher, and mentor John Cobb shared his thoughts this morning on Christology, that is, how we understand Jesus Christ’s relationship to us and the world.  This is truly a treat, to hear Professor Cobb, now 86, speak of lively, open-spirited, and innovative Christianity.  John is one of the great the … [Read more...]

Postcards from Claremont: Process Theology & Emergent Church

Emergent Village 2012:  Process Theology and the Emerging Church, Day OneWhat a day of rejoicing – process theologians and emerging Christians in conversation. Theological energy was bursting forth and passion for ministry was palpable.  For a long time, I have felt that process theology is an ideal companion to emerging Christianity.  While many emergent Christians have been influenced by the deconstructionist postmodernism of John Caputo and Peter Rollins, I believe that the multi-sensory, … [Read more...]

The Second of February This and Every Year

PATHEOS – Feb 2012I am not a feminist. I feel compelled to say that right here at the beginning, probably as an apology. The truth of the thing is that I was born far too long before the feminist movement for my understanding of gender to have been shaped into anything like a contemporary posture. That does not mean that I don’t applaud most of the cultural and political changes that have been effected by the younger women who have come after me. I do. The point here, instead, is that it is t … [Read more...]

Evangelism Celebration

Today my book Evangelism in the Inventive Age releases and I want to celebrate with my Emergent Village friends by giving you a copy of BodyPrayer.There are two ways to get in on the celebration gift:Order a copy of the book today. Mention that you bought it on your social stream (Facebook, Twitter, or blog) and send me an email (Pagitt at with the receipt, link and your mailing address. Order the book by Feb 15 and write a review on Amazon and send me an … [Read more...]

Simply Simplicity, Part 2

Today we continue my thoughts on Simplicity from the corresponding chapter in Richard Foster's book, The Celebration of Discipline.  Simplicity "is an inward reality that results in an outward lifestyle." Both are equally important, because the outward lifestyle without the inner reality is legalism, but the inner reality without the outward lifestyle is not simplicity either, but hypocrisy.  Last week we discussed the attitudes of the inner reality. Today I will share Foster's "ten c … [Read more...]