See Me, Feel Me, Touch me, Heal me…A Challenge to the Colonial Christian West by Randy Woodley

In 1969 The Who released the now famed rock opera album Tommy. Mostly written by Who guitarist Pete Townsend as a way of working through his abusive childhood, Tommy was a hit. As I think about the abusive relationship between to colonial Christian West and the indigenous peoples who have been degraded, exploited, and now forgotten I bring a challenge. Many of my friends have said, "okay, I agree, but what can I do?" So, I will try my best to come up with actionable points in each post that we … [Read more...]

(G)od With(Out) Religion OR The God Who BeCame an Atheist

  There is this moment of intrinsic subversion to exclusivity in the Jesus Narrative. But what is moment, if not something captured in and by time. An idea bound and contingent in space, a dependent object that relies upon its own ontological teleology. Meaning that the moment itself finds its purpose in being that very moment, and the events that transpire are then transcendentalized by their very innate placement within the narrative. A few of Jesus friends encounter people who dont … [Read more...]

Jesus and the Jewish Festivals

I talked with Gary Burge, a New Testament professor at Wheaton College, on my radio show today about his book Jesus and the Jewish Festivals.It was a fun chat (as fun as talking with a New Testament Prof can be I guess) and I found it quite interesting.I'm encouraged whenever Evangelicals are willing to look at the cultural situation of the Gospel. Be it in the 1st century or 21st.We talk about that in the interview. … [Read more...]

Work ought to be about making meaning not just money

There is a significant conversation in our country about the role of money, profit and business. There are people on may sides of the discussion.The current presidential campaign and the wealth of Mit Romney has caused people to come to the defense of making money, and a lot of money.There are those who want to say that the American dream is about making money or getting wealthy. And even more there are those who say that the prime role of business is to generate profits for owners and … [Read more...]

What Does a Good Leadership Meeting Look Like?

How about this for a monthly leadership meeting?Council Meeting, July 2012To begin, we lit a candle. Lighting the candle designates our space or circle of friends as unique; holy or sacred, if you like. The light of the candle is always changing and always the same. The flame changes as it consumes, converting gas into heat and light. The flame remains the same in shape, size, location, and color. The light of the candle is like the presence of God - always changing, always the … [Read more...]

The August after the July To Never Forget

PATHEOS – August 2012July 4th ...any and every July firmly engrained in our American consciousness as being forever and always our nation’s major civil holiday. Over the years, we have made such a vociferous celebration of the whole thing, in fact, that much of the non-North American world is almost as aware as we are of “the Fourth” as a day of “the greatest significance.” Given that fact, one has to wonder about the events of July 4, 2012. Was the choice of that day for announcing … [Read more...]

Chick-Fil-A Kerfuffle and The Shut-down approach of calling people Prideful

The Chick-Fil-A Kerfuffle about Gay Marriage has surfaced, what to me, is a greater worry - the tendency of religious people declare those who think differently as "prideful, arrogant and ahistorical".The argument goes, "how dare you think you can suggest a change in thinking when for all these years faithful people have thought such and such".I raise this issue in response to the owner of Chick-Fil-A on my radio show this week.The show airs live Wednesday's from 10-11:30am and … [Read more...]

Authentic Jesus Generations: Woodstock to Wild Goose by Randy Woodley


Although there is not much in general these days that one can say about the church, perhaps the clearest sign we have of change is the ever-widening gap between what I will dub the still too common, “Sunday morning church-building crowd” and all the new faith movements including, for example, Emergents, Neo-monastics, Evangelicals 4 Justice, NAIITS (North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies) and Jesus Radicals,* (with homage to this faith lineage including organizations like, Ev … [Read more...]

do christians (h)ate the world? OR (the european civil wars)

    Any notion that we do not belong to this earth, that Earth is a fallen universe, a prison for our soul striving to liberate itself from the material inertia, is dismissed as life­ denying alienation.  -- Zizek Over the course of the last ten years, Hollywood has been producing plotline after plotline that somehow either claims the end of the world (apocalyptic; think 2012 ) or some sort of ecological crisis (the day after tomorrow). this addiction demonstrates to us not s … [Read more...]

The Future of Seminary

Sunday night after church I was out with a few fellow Journey-ers and we were talking about the future of seminary. It's been a frequent conversation around the Village in recent years- what to do about educating this next generation of Christian leaders, who are currently being prepared for a Church that may or may not continue in its same form, and arguably not preparing them for leadership in the emerging church. There is also the issue of cost- not only monetary but time- associated with a … [Read more...]