The Walls We Build Can’t Protect Us From Ourselves

It would be amusing if it wasn't so chilling.  Looking at old movies at the thrift store, I smirk at our former fear-mongering.  It seems so quaint, so naive, from such a bygone era.  And it makes me think about the present-day fear-mongering that I probably don't even notice.  Remember Red Dawn, when it seemed so plausible that Russians would invade the US?  Thirty years later, the remake of the same film depicts nefarious North Koreans doing the deed-- a new boogeyman for a new generation.  Th … [Read more...]

How I Found God After Leaving Religion

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan WattsAfter having left religion, I found God. Let me be clear here as not to confuse the pop-culture appropriation of hipster spirituality so prevalent today; wherein, someone re-organizes their linguistic choices and creates new aphorisms like: I left religion but gained a relationship (and etc.). For me, leaving organized religion, in this case, Christianity, wasn't just leaving some of … [Read more...]

3 Things Folks Experiencing Homelessness Need from You

Three Things Our Friends Experiencing Homelessness Need from YouI spend my days working at one of Atlanta’s busiest homeless service agencies. I also get the pleasure of working with many missions teams, alternative spring breaks, and corporate service groups. I love my job, and I love building relationships with my friends experiencing homelessness.I have recently been asked by a lot of friends about what it is that our friends experiencing homelessness really need.So here are three … [Read more...]

“Doing” Lent

Lent arrives this week with its themes of fasting, reflection, and penance. As I prepare, I am aware that this season requires countercultural ways of being – of living – that don’t come easily to most of us. We’ve become accustomed to our routines and privileges and feel comforted and entitled to having them in our lives.Fasting is the opposite of the communal gluttony that football fans just enjoyed on Super Bowl Sunday. Reflection is difficult in the midst of the siren calls of email, Face … [Read more...]

Do Not Stand Idly By: The Public Domain of Faith

Yesterday, in a DC suburb, I had another one of those profound religious/spiritual moments in the presence of an ecumenical group of clergy members, professional organizers, and community activists while we worked together on the Metro IAF Do Not Stand Idly By campaign for responsible gun manufacturing, distribution, and use. I have so many beautiful stories to tell from this shared work, including the tremendous persistence and courage that resulted in President Obama’s recent executive order on … [Read more...]

The Fidelity Of Limits

Below is an interview with Associate Chaplain of the United Methodist Protestant Community at American University (and my husband), David Finnegan-Hosey, on the fidelity of limits.This interview was inspired by real life circumstances. David and I were married in September, by November we had already moved and started three new jobs each. With this rapid onslaught of life transitions came stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and depression. When we finally came to terms with our limitations things … [Read more...]

What does relentless love look like?

What is the relentless love of God like? The gospel of Luke says it is a laser-focused love that knows and perceives each person for who they are. It is like a shepherd with 100 curly-wooled sheep who say, “baa” and chomp grass. All is well until one goes missing. That guardian of those sheep focuses the laser of their love on that missing one. You know what comes next. They go and look, until they find that one and bring it home. Then, they celebrate. But what if we invert the telling of the tal … [Read more...]

What happens to our collections when we die?

As the Christmas season drew to a close a couple of days ago and I reflected on all the lovely photos on Facebook of gifts of collectibles like teapots and nativity scenes, I wondered, “What happens to our collections when we die?” In light of the refugee crises all over the world right now, clearly this particular wondering is a first world issue. I’ve already written in other posts about how my own refugee-immigrant family has no keepsakes, heirlooms, or even photographs from our past beyond my … [Read more...]

Holy Collisions

Are you aware of  the peaceful revolution underway-- a new Pentecost is taking place in our yoga studios! But others mocking said, 'They are filled with new wine!" Acts 2:13 Ordinary humans, not just renunciates, are recognizing an alcohol buzz is a distant second to the natural high that comes with sparking internal connectivity-- the 'new wine' is a benefit of connection to our breath!  The desire for old ways merely disintegrates as the 'breath of the Almighty gives me life” (Job 33:4) … [Read more...]

How God Can Be Born Even Here

Over the past two months, my faith community has been exploring how the story of Jesus’ birth reveals the possibility that all of life is holy. Early in November we spoke about sacred time and a week later -- one day after the Paris attacks – someone from the community boldly proclaimed the sanctity of every person, regardless of their wrong doings. Recently, they asked me to tackle “sacred space,” and as I thought about the topic this week, I began to wonder if Christmas Eve - the night we medit … [Read more...]