The Fidelity Of Limits

Below is an interview with Associate Chaplain of the United Methodist Protestant Community at American University (and my husband), David Finnegan-Hosey, on the fidelity of limits.This interview was inspired by real life circumstances. David and I were married in September, by November we had already moved and started three new jobs each. With this rapid onslaught of life transitions came stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and depression. When we finally came to terms with our limitations things … [Read more...]

What does relentless love look like?

What is the relentless love of God like? The gospel of Luke says it is a laser-focused love that knows and perceives each person for who they are. It is like a shepherd with 100 curly-wooled sheep who say, “baa” and chomp grass. All is well until one goes missing. That guardian of those sheep focuses the laser of their love on that missing one. You know what comes next. They go and look, until they find that one and bring it home. Then, they celebrate. But what if we invert the telling of the tal … [Read more...]

What happens to our collections when we die?

As the Christmas season drew to a close a couple of days ago and I reflected on all the lovely photos on Facebook of gifts of collectibles like teapots and nativity scenes, I wondered, “What happens to our collections when we die?” In light of the refugee crises all over the world right now, clearly this particular wondering is a first world issue. I’ve already written in other posts about how my own refugee-immigrant family has no keepsakes, heirlooms, or even photographs from our past beyond my … [Read more...]

Holy Collisions

Are you aware of  the peaceful revolution underway-- a new Pentecost is taking place in our yoga studios! But others mocking said, 'They are filled with new wine!" Acts 2:13 Ordinary humans, not just renunciates, are recognizing an alcohol buzz is a distant second to the natural high that comes with sparking internal connectivity-- the 'new wine' is a benefit of connection to our breath!  The desire for old ways merely disintegrates as the 'breath of the Almighty gives me life” (Job 33:4) … [Read more...]

How God Can Be Born Even Here

Over the past two months, my faith community has been exploring how the story of Jesus’ birth reveals the possibility that all of life is holy. Early in November we spoke about sacred time and a week later -- one day after the Paris attacks – someone from the community boldly proclaimed the sanctity of every person, regardless of their wrong doings. Recently, they asked me to tackle “sacred space,” and as I thought about the topic this week, I began to wonder if Christmas Eve - the night we medit … [Read more...]

Is the God Life for whoever can get there?

Chelsea Jay is a 24-year old model in the United Kingdom. She is the Director of Disability for Models of Diversity, a campaign to include a wide variety of bodies in the media people see every day. Jay had been in conversation with The Clothes Show, a live fashion and beauty event, for a year, pressing the issue of lack of diversity in the event. The Clothes Show invited Jay to speak at a panel, so she took a four-hour journey on three trains to get to the show. When she got there Jay … [Read more...]

Kingdom vs Empire

 This is a sermon that I wrote for Christ the King Sunday. It was given to the American University Methodist Protestant Community and commemorates yet another year of their commitment to being a reconciling community. The scriptures that this sermon reflects on are,  John 18:33-37, and Psalm 146 .  In John 18, we see two leaders who represent two different powers. Pilot, the man in charge of this meeting, represents the Roman Empire. Jesus, the man on trial, represent the Kingdom o … [Read more...]

Christian Prejudice Towards Muslims is Antithetical to the Way of Jesus

As a Christian, I find the anti-Muslim rhetoric and prejudice, expressed in general and by Christian leaders in particular, appalling and contrary to the spirit of what Christ teaches. Fear produces irrational thinking. This irrational  thinking, combined with prejudice towards specific groups of people, creates shameful and immoral behavior that future generations look back on and say "I can't believe everyone back then stood by and watched and approved of (slavery, internment, segregation, … [Read more...]

The Lie of Separation

Back in May 2015 I was signed up for a weekend training in NYC with Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy.The day before I had the thought "I love learning new things; especially about yoga!" and suddenly a new deeper thought came in-- 'This isnt about learning dear. This is about healing." Woah!! What have I got to heal? Haven't I done enough deep work during the 8 months of yoga teacher training I completed in Novemebr? Such a silly girl-- there is ALWAYS more to heal.Upon arrival our very first … [Read more...]

On Not Stinking Up The Place or Going Fragrance-Free

In many Jesus stories, the way things turned out, usually well, was completely unpredictable from the way the story began. It was almost as though Jesus’s friends could have prepared themselves best if they had said to each other, “OK, here’s the deal. Today, Jesus is probably going to blow our minds. Let’s pay attention.”Jesus was really good at paying attention, of course. There was the time They were in a crowd and a woman who had been sick for twelve years touched Their robe. “I felt some … [Read more...]