A Perfect Duo

 “Let us now praise famous men,” is itself about as famous as any self-respecting phrase could ever hope to be. Certainly, it is more bandied about than is any other of those we have lifted whole-cloth out of the Apocrypha. But every once in a while…in a great, great while, in fact…I still want to change the flow of the words a bit and say instead, “Let us now praise famous books.” Once upon a long time ago, some very gratifying years at Publishers Weekly taught me a lot of … [Read more...]

Bible meditation versus The Ear Worm

“Find a quiet place and a comfortable chair. Sit down, don't cross your legs, rest your hands palms upward and close your eyes. Invite Father to presence Himself with you. Concentrate on your breathing. Centre yourself. Still your mind, focus on Jesus, listen to the rhythm of your breathing”…The roar of an early morning snore nearly makes me fall off my chair. Am I doing this right? Am I sticking to what I learnt on the Soul Spark course? Why did I fall asleep? Are eight hours' sleep no longe … [Read more...]

A Voter’s Guide: Shalom and the Community of Creation: An Indigenous Vision by Randy Woodley (pp.14-16)

Shalom is meant to be both personal (emphasizing our relationships with others) and structural (replacing systems where shalom has been broken or which produce broken shalom, such as war or greed-driven economic systems). In shalom, the old structures and systems are replaced with new structures and new systems. The universal expectation for all humanity to live out shalom has been given. Shalom has been decreed. God expects us to make the old way of living new. The Creator requires us to … [Read more...]

The City of God

 Around about two years ago I began to wonder- “What did the early Church really look like?” Early in my Christian life, and to this day, I hear people say: “The book of Acts is a blueprint for church life” or “We are restoring the Ephesians 4 ministries, our church will restore Gods' Kingdom”. My response was to join in, get involved and do the stuff, but in the back of my mind I had some doubts...My journey with God began 38 years ago, 33 of which I spent in Charismatic Community C … [Read more...]


there was a woman who had a shoe fetish. no matter what, she had to have shoes. couldn't do without them. according to karl marx, the fetish is creating meaning or giving meaning to a meaningless object. trying to fill in a gap rather than allowing it to be. we live in a society built upon an addiction toward meaning, toward filling the gaps. in a simple sense, when your boss calls you up to come in early because your colleague called off sick, that is a filling in of the gap.Christ becomes … [Read more...]

The Shift into Post-Christendom

Earlier this year, Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury and, thereby, formerly the tutelary head of the Anglican communion world-wide, shocked me. Then, I was further shocked by the discovery that I should have not been shocked in the first place…that I was, in fact, one of a fairly limited number of folk who were even surprised by what Lord Carey did.What Lord Carey did, acting from his position as former Archbishop, was to file a written statement to the European Court of Human R … [Read more...]

Jesus and Mary love and marriage

Hi! I am a new blogger to the site so this topic was fresh news when I first wrote it. The delay has enabled me to add some additional thoughts and make some changes.So news of Jesus’ marriage to Mary (Magdelene one assumes) beamed into our minds recently; a gospel fragment from the 2nd Century has been discovered shedding yet more ‘light on to Jesus’ marriage status. Much is already being posted online, written about and discussed at home, in work and in churches worldwide. So, why am I, a m … [Read more...]

Touch Me: it takes a lifetime by Randy Woodley


(I began this series See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me as a challenge to the colonial Western Church to be inclusive of ethnic minorities at all levels. Intro to Series, 1. See Me,2. Feel Me).One of the great values Native Americans share, but often missing in American society, is respect for elders. If there is an issue floating around, we all know it won't be finally settled until the elders have spoken-everything else is just words and ideas. Elders always have the final say (as far as … [Read more...]

Can You Feel Me? Yes, Somebody Did? by Randy Woodley

I actually began the series See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me as a challenge to the colonial Western Church to be inclusive of ethnic minorities at all levels. (intro to series) Then, almost as if it was planned, it broke wide open and the next thing I knew, I was calling for a boycott of "Whites Only" and "Tokens Only" conferences by White speakers and attenders (See Me). With some help from Andrea Smith (her post), Curtiss Paul DeYoung (his post) and a bunch of interested Emergent folks, (see … [Read more...]

Of Wasps and Other Things

Wade Tickle is almost eleven years old, and he is terrified of wasps. When he was younger, he was only afraid of them. Now he is paralyzed by the mere possibility of them. Normally, this would not be a problem….a quirk maybe, a source of some parental concern and, unfortunately, of some unkind teasing, but little more than that.  The difficulty lies in the fact that our times [or his, perhaps] are not exactly normal right now.Wade’s dad, who is our son, Wade, Sr., is in the process of buying … [Read more...]