The Bleeding Edge

Recently, my friend Jacqueline taught me a new expression. Sometimes, when things are as far out as people can imagine, we call that the cutting edge. Jacqueline taught me that the bleeding edge is even further out. It is an organic living boundary where something is happening, sometimes uncomfortable, but probably growth.I can conceive of business as usual. I can even imagine taking a risk in my spiritual life, a risk in believing, in loving, in seeking. Even if these risks are out of my … [Read more...]

God Can Also Be Found In The Dark- The Film Metalhead and what is says to us about Grief

God can also be found in the Dark- Metalhead Film.Have you ever heard a sermon about grief? Was there an altar call afterwards? Should it have rather just been long wails or maybe weeping? The Sunday after my brother shot himself, I showed up at church. It was all so surreal. I moved around. Feeling hardly nothing. Just trying to keep it together. “You know, don’t want anyone thinking I might be crazy.” During worship, I just wept. I suddenly felt arms around me. Lots of arms … [Read more...]

Accompaniment as Emergence

I’ve been called to a ministry of accompaniment that means I have chosen to walk with one or two people or a family, serially, one after the other, to be a support for whatever it is that they are going through. To me, emergent church in the world looks like the ministry of accompaniment. Grounded in scripture, I cling to Jesus’ new commandment to love others as Jesus loves me; by this I will be known as his disciple. [John 13:34-5]In the past, our accompaniment has been to families with imm … [Read more...]

Soul Train Line

This week I leave for the first of three conferences I am working this month. I’m under-prepared for the first one, new kid on the block for the second one and probably should be working on something right now for the third one instead of writing these thoughts. In varying capacities, my job for each event could be described as “professional [read: perfect] Christian” or facilitator. In each instance I will have a microphone put in my hand, walk on stage and be expected to say something profo … [Read more...]

Palm Passion Sunday – Hosanna

What an awkward day this past Sunday was, Palm Passion Sunday. Or maybe that’s just how I feel about Palm Passion Sunday.The tumblr feed EV'RY DAY I'M PASTORIN'… imagines Palm Passion Sunday like this:<>That awkward blending of two things that just down seem to go together.  A shark and a horse.Is that what you think of when you think of Palm Passion Sunday?  On the one hand celebrating the trium … [Read more...]


 This homily was delivered as part of an ongoing Lenten Series around the themes and images of Lent.In the BeginningIn the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, she planted a garden. And the story goes that from the dirt of that garden God formed two people. At first God and the people lived as friends, co-creator in the garden, but eventually this partnership doesn’t work out. We don’t really know why, the text says something about a snake and some fruit, which feels mor … [Read more...]

If This Was the Last Thing I Could Post on the Spiritual Life

I recently gave a talk during a retreat weekend about agape, the unconditional love of God. As I prepared this talk, I realized this was the core of everything I'd ever want to say about God and the life of faith up to this point in my life. Here is a modified version of what I shared.Agape is the unconditional love and acceptance of God. It has saved me and continues to save me. I’m going to be vulnerable and honest about some of my journey and share how the love of God has brought healing i … [Read more...]

Revolution, Evolution or Good Disagreement?

This post is prompted by a number of things that have left me pondering how as Christians we are to bring about change in our churches. When we strongly believe in an issue of justice and yet find that opposed. It is one thing to fight for justice against a government or institution, but what if the struggle is within your own institution? Indeed among the very people who share the faith that inspires our desire to see change? When those we oppose are our brothers and sisters in that faith? The … [Read more...]

Sway- a poem for your March Day

Happy March.Here's a poem for you. SWAY I like talking in tongues, painting in acrylic, petting my dog in the warm sun of midday,serving the poor, being the hands and feet, and following that Jesus Way. I cuss some, and moonshine is alright,I sound like a sailor and I read my bible by the candlelight, Sometimes in the cool of day, you can find me on my front port-SWAY SWAY SWAYsitting in the swing, … [Read more...]

Not So Pinterest Perfect

I am a mess.I'll take "This is not news" for 500, Alex.But for real, though, my life is absolute chaos.I run between being a full-time seminary student, a part-time web designer, a writer, a wife, a mom-to-be, and what feels like eight million other things during every moment of my life. And I have a feeling this isn't exceptional--most of you probably feel the same way.And yet, for some inconceivable notion, I have a Pinterest account.Why? WHY?!? Why do SO MANY of us think t … [Read more...]