Revolution, Evolution or Good Disagreement?

This post is prompted by a number of things that have left me pondering how as Christians we are to bring about change in our churches. When we strongly believe in an issue of justice and yet find that opposed. It is one thing to fight for justice against a government or institution, but what if the struggle is within your own institution? Indeed among the very people who share the faith that inspires our desire to see change? When those we oppose are our brothers and sisters in that faith? The … [Read more...]

Sway- a poem for your March Day

Happy March.Here's a poem for you. SWAY I like talking in tongues, painting in acrylic, petting my dog in the warm sun of midday,serving the poor, being the hands and feet, and following that Jesus Way. I cuss some, and moonshine is alright,I sound like a sailor and I read my bible by the candlelight, Sometimes in the cool of day, you can find me on my front port-SWAY SWAY SWAYsitting in the swing, … [Read more...]

Not So Pinterest Perfect

I am a mess.I'll take "This is not news" for 500, Alex.But for real, though, my life is absolute chaos.I run between being a full-time seminary student, a part-time web designer, a writer, a wife, a mom-to-be, and what feels like eight million other things during every moment of my life. And I have a feeling this isn't exceptional--most of you probably feel the same way.And yet, for some inconceivable notion, I have a Pinterest account.Why? WHY?!? Why do SO MANY of us think t … [Read more...]

here and now

 This year started out with a sense of possibility. I had friends stay over from Argentina, it had been 15 years of not sharing a meal together. We shared a year together as missionaries in Bogotá in 1998, we shared so much more, we were revolutionaries - “guerrilleros” for Christ. We had small kids and had no boundaries and how far we would go to share Christ as we knew him. Late nights every night, gave so much more than money or time. This movement went through huge chan … [Read more...]

#MakeItHappen – Gender Equity for Women and Girls

Today is International Women's Day, and this year's theme is "Make It Happen."The women from my Berkeley Women's Group have been celebrating International Women's Day annually since before I joined them in 1971. I moved away in 1975 and have made it back rarely since then, but Suzann, our convener, has called me every year on March 8th to remind me that I am one of them, remembered and loved. Sisterhood is like that.I first became aware of the Women's Movement in its 1960's iteration as a … [Read more...]

Re-narrating an Emergent God

I want to continue the conversation that Mark Longhurst began with his excellent post on an "emergent God" on March 1.Mark alluded to the many origins of the emergent community and emergence Christianity. When one expands that language to "progressive Christianity," the list of origins expands even further. I count the experiences and memories that I have of a consultation with the sorely missed Stan Grenz for Leighton Ford Ministries on postmodernism (1993), the conversations that produced … [Read more...]

Mama Eternal’s Lent

I was dreading Lent this year, which is not like me. I usually love Lent. Don't get me wrong, I also love king cake with naked plastic babies inside, and pancakes, and alcohol but when all that is over, I want my ashes and solemnity and a dark, difficult Lenten season. Ah, the season of penitence, of self-examination, of denial and wilderness wandering - what a gift to spend forty days dedicated to self-reflection. As a one on the Enngeagram, I’m all for exposing my faults and trying to somehow b … [Read more...]

“i thought it was a pearl”

The tide went out. A puddle of murky seawater, clinging to ridges of sand and shore, remained.I saw it then, resplendent in the afternoon light.I thought it was a pearl.My mood lifted at the thought of discovering such an unexpected gem. Sand beneath fingernails, eyes squinted, I saw that it was just a broken shell.I thought it was a pearl.And while it was no real treasure, it was my treasure.Before this beach was just a landscape of broken shells, a valley of salty … [Read more...]

We Hung Up Our Harps And Cried

When I think of the things that happen to people with disabilities in secret, there is no easy framework of meaning and comfort. Over seventy people with disabilities have been killed by their parents or caregivers in the last five years.This brings to mind Psalm 137:4: “On the branches of the willow trees, we hung our harps and hid our hearts from the enemy.” (The Voice)The people lamenting in this psalm hung up their instruments and cried. When there is such a terrible injustice in the … [Read more...]

Praying Dangerous Prayers

 I am listening to Hillsong’s Oceans. It’s a beautiful song. I am sure some of you have just barfed a little in your mouth, because I triggered the abuse or hurt suffered at the hands of some charismatic or evangelical group. But for me, the song resonates in my soul.We can learn a lot from Evangelicals if we are willing to do so.Like praying.I know, I know- Maybe You hate all that stuff.Maybe we are like a super progressive railing against anyone who dares mention the su … [Read more...]