Room at the Table

I've been around long enough to know that the best parts of a conference don't happen at the conference, but around it.  The meals, the conversations in the hallways, the impromptu meetings in hotel lobbies, the setup, the cleanup, and the sharing of rides to and from the airport.  So several weeks back when the Transform Network was doing their thing in nearby DC, I was disappointed to not be able to attend the whole thing, but I was also resting in the confidence that I'd be able to skim the cr … [Read more...]

To Heal a Broken World – Fractiles of Grace

teresa pasquale

Some days I am so burdened by the have-to's I wonder what it is I do to change the world. Some days I am so disappointed by the nature of humanity, its greed, its ego, its pride, its hubris, that I just want to scream into the faces of those that disappoint me. And, again, I wonder, how does my little petty rage change the world. Then. Then there are some days where I find the broken human, in the middle of the night, seeking grace, heart breaking open with suffering, and I let them in my car, … [Read more...]

Charleston and the Grief of Prophets


Five of us from the Transform Network leadership team were at the Sojourners Summit when we heard about the killing of 9 people at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. I happened to run into two people that next Wednesday morning in the lobby of the Summit that I had only met online and via phone, Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock from the Beatitudes Society and Jacqui Lewis from Middle Collegiate Church. We said our hellos and as they headed off to what looked to be a meeting, I was invited to join. … [Read more...]

Thy Kingdom Come, but how?


When tragedies occur something within us cries out to respond. We want to say something to our fellow human beings — something meaningful, something we hope can temper the feelings of grief and despair one feels in the wake of great loss. But following last Wednesday’s massacre, I am once again painfully reminded of the poverty of language.Like many of you, I felt compelled to share a thought or prayer via social media. This desire was compounded by the fact that Rev. Clementa Pinckney, lead … [Read more...]

What is a Coming of God? Part 3/3


Part 3 of 3 In this series, we’ve been exploring the possibility that Jesus’ “coming on the clouds” was a symbolic way of speaking about the spiritual meaning of the one of the most significant events in the First Century CE: The Jerusalem civil war, and subsequent Roman attack, culminating in the destruction of the Hebrew Temple. But is this the only time Scripture describes God “coming on the clouds”? If there are other examples, do we see these “cloud comings” of God in history following a s … [Read more...]

When the Golden Rule Fails

The Golden Rule asks us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Sometimes, this fails. Why? What can we do?

Recently, a friend of mine in their wheelchair had a walking person push past them in order to use the accessible stall. My friend showed patience and civility, but still ended up having to wait for the person to finish because that was the only stall they could use. The person who pushed past was probably not a bad person. They probably recycle and give to charity. They can probably recite the contents of Luke 6:31 without skipping a beat. If I just start the line, you’ll know how to finish it. … [Read more...]

We Go Up to the Mountains


I am blessed to live in a place where we can easily go up to mountains. Daily we can look on them and be reminded of how small we are and how mighty they are. Daily I can gaze at their beauty, take pictures of them in different light, see how they change in snow and cloud. Mountains are amazing. They make you remember the Creator and remind you to be amazed to see all that he has made.But I have also discovered that mountains are more than just something to observe. They are something we … [Read more...]

Hurtful Words Hurt

Typing - Photo by Wrangler

Who has helped you utter these words?  And whose spirit spoke from your mouth? (Job 26:4 NIV)There are millions of new combinations of words created every day, combinations that are put here, on the web, for anyone to view. And there’s one thing that not enough people are concerned about, one thing we think can't be helped, one important thing about all those words.A lot of them are hurtful. Some intentionally so.Talking with my therapist Wednesday, I said, “I just don’t understand wh … [Read more...]

How White People Need to Talk to White People About Race (and Why)


Last night we had a live streamed conversation on YouTube about "How White People Need to Talk to White People About Race." Over 400 people RSVP'd on the Facebook event, which is a much larger audience than we have ever reached in our monthly Open Conversations.  During the video we had over 250 views, social media engagement was really strong and it has been shared and viewed widely.  This makes me think that white people are really struggling to talk about race.  I invite you to watch the vid … [Read more...]

I Used To Know How To Walk On Water

Now and then,  I find myself  knocked down in the dirt in confusion and only music can touch my soul. Here is a lamentation from the least expected source, it showed up in my life (thanks Spotify) and for the past few years it was given words to a wide range of thoughts and emotions.I Used To Know How To Walk On Water is probably the most beautiful spiritual song I have heard in many, many years - maybe in all my life. It motivated me to drive three hours to a small hole in the wall concert i … [Read more...]