The Shiny Face of Jesus; A Transfiguration Sunday Sermon

This Sermon, based on Matthew 17:1-9, was preached by the author at American University for the United Methodist community’s Sunday evening service on Transfiguration Sunday. Have you ever had a mountain top experience? One of those movements when the Kingdom feels close enough to touch, and the love and mercy, and justice, and grace of God seem to be flowing in and around you. The fire of the Holy Spirit is burning in your belly, and when you close your… Read more

Be Ready: Kindness to Strangers

The problem with strangers is that they can be a little strange. One time I gave a guy a sandwich and he gave me a pair of blue shoes. It’s not really weird, just unexpected. The shoes were really soft, so they gave my feet some relief. There’s a lot of teaching about strangers in the Hebrew and Christian scripture. A lot of the time, the point was just because you don’t know someone, doesn’t mean you have permission to… Read more

A Moment of Honesty with Myself

I have been trying not to think about how I am feeling. I am a Christian, I have a masters degree in Divinity. I work at a church and at a seminary. I am supposed to be able to find hope even in the depths of hopelessness. The eschatological dream that is born in the gospel is supposed to give me enough to hold on to so that I can get out of bed even when day after day I… Read more

Inaugural Lament

Today is a rough day. Today we know that the world is not right. Today we sit in ashes. Today we rend our garments. Today we cry. Today we grieve. Today we wonder how the hell this happened. Today we make plans for what to do if things go horribly wrong. Today we see the ugliness of humanity’s glare. Today we see our brothers and sisters tremble. Today we stare down privilege, hate, and pain. Today we see marching bands… Read more

Beyond Dreaming, Toward Repentance

“It is my fear that, though we may not embrace an outright substitutionary atonement theology of Jesus, we have embraced a substitutionary atonement theology of Dr. MLK Jr. That is to believe that Dr. King existed in his life solely to die to pay off the sins of white racists, and that because of his death, we don’t have to do any work beyond believing in what a nice fellow that Dr. King was. What a nice fellow that Dr…. Read more

An Inaugural Prayer

Holy God, Help Us Help us learn that we are our brother’s keeper. Help us to know that we need each other. That each one is connected to every other one. We need empathy. We need compassion. We need ears to hear, hearts to feel, and mouths to stop talking. Break our pride, replace it with dedication to your Kingdom’s goal, that all will know you and none will want or cry. As we face another political transition, we beg… Read more

Grace-Filled Conversations.

I’m really great at getting into Facebook flame wars. I want to say that I am not proud of that, but if I am honest, sometimes I am very proud of it. I like to know that I have gotten under my opponent’s skin. I like to know that I have bested them in the artful way that I can mix logic, metaphor, and personal example until I get them to the point where they know that if they disagree… Read more

A letter to my congregation after the election

  Dear Beloveds, I am writing to witness that for some of you, the election results from this week present an intense challenge and disappointment. My heart and my will are with you. It will be a time of adjustment for all of us, to move to a new administration. I want to write a for a moment specifically to those who are grieving, especially grieving the world that could have been. 1. It is real and reasonable that you… Read more

A Post-Election Poem

I want you to keep my name out of your mouth. It doesn’t matter where you go, East, West,  North, or South, you’ve got at lot to say about me. I’m everything you need. I hold the key, to your success, but all you leave me with is fear. What comes next? Are you actually going to fix all the broken windows, broken lives, broken families, broken hearts? You want me to think this is where the solution starts. Here,… Read more

To all Allies in the Episcopal Church and Beyond, Shocked by the Election

I’m writing this post to my fellow progressive, white Episcopalians, but I also write it mindful of the many allies out there who are not Episcopalian. While some of what I write may not pertain to those outside of the Episcopal Church, I believe this post is relevant to many who are dealing with the implications of this election and are trying to find a way forward. I want to be clear up front about where I am coming from…. Read more

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