“You’re Only As Good As Your Friends”

Last night, Anthony Smith (aka Postmodern Negro) and I celebrated our 10-year friendiversary with an impromptu livestream conversation, recorded and shared here for posterity. During our hour-long conversation, we reminisce about the last decade of emerging church conversation, our local involvement in the Charlotte Emergent cohort group (which is still going, by the way!), and the power of friendship (among many other things, including the 15 books Anthony is reading right now!). As Anthony … [Read more...]

The Path to the Dark Side is Fear

So much fear and worry. I see it's mark all over the church of today. Fear of what might happen if we love unconditionally, lay down our arms, and embrace people that are different than us. Fear that names itself as a boundary or righteousness. Fear that our loved ones won't make it into the good version of eternity if they have different views than us.There are so many instances, in both the Old and New Testaments, where we are told not to fear. We are invited to step out onto the water, we … [Read more...]

Champion All Human Dignity: Courageous Response 1

The work I find most rewarding nowadays is helping communities of goodwill find courageous responses to challenges relating across differences in identity. So when asked to become a regular contributor to Emerging Voices (to come home, as it were, to this space now hosted by Patheos that started as the Emergent Village blog where I used to converse and co-convene years ago), almost immediately it came to me to use the opportunity to explore the theme of "courageous responses". It is such a joy … [Read more...]

Prayer Letters

Some thoughts on prayer about which I'd love to hear from you. http://dougpagittradio.com/prayer-letters … [Read more...]