What is an Evangelical?

The “E Word” in Christianity is a funny thing. In one respect, Evangelicals are self-identified, and therefore, self-defined. On the other, popular culture (particularly media) lays its own meaning on what it means to be Evangelical. In the latter context, the word inevitably translates to “Conservative Christian.” But I think this definition isn’t fair. What’s more, it’s not accurate. I’m a self-proclaimed “word nerd,” so I tend to turn to etymology for help. The root … [Read more...]

Personal Confession Re: “Occupy” Movement

History will tell if the Occupy Movement spurs any sort of actual change in America. I line up on some the issues of societal justice that the movement desires. I also disagree with some things. Here is something I do believe: The wealthy have a unique responsibility. The wealthiest of the wealthy – the top 1% - even more so. My friend Wess Stafford says this: "The opposite of poverty isn’t wealth. The opposite of poverty is enough.” He's probably right. I don’t have any … [Read more...]