Teen Grief: Helping Your Teens through Grief

When is teen grief normal versus a cause for concern? Grief is hard on anyone, and teen grief is hard on parents as well as teens. Teenagers are at a high risk age for suicide. So, while grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss, you want to be especially alert with teen grief. [Read More…]

Workplace Grief: 3 Keys to Help Coworkers and Yourself

Workplace grief is common.  We often spend more time at work than at home, and our coworkers can become like family. It is normal and natural to experience grief when a coworker dies, becomes ill, or experiences a family tragedy. When my friend film editor Sally Menke died, her coworkers were devastated. “I loved loved loved Sally [Read More…]

Heartbreak Coaching New Trend: Become Better — Not Bitter!

Katy Perry is working with a heartbreak coach to get over her messy divorce with Russell Brand, and help herself make better relationship decisions in the future, according to recent reports. From celebrities like Katy Perry to the girl next door, we all suffer heartbreak after a breakup or divorce. “But surprisingly, heartbreak can also [Read More…]