On Reading God Between the Lines

In a series called By Heart, The Atlantic features authors’ reflections on their favorite passages of literature. Iranian-born Dina Nayeri,who wrote the recently released A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea, choose from Marilyn Robinson’s quiet but strong book, Housekeeping: There is so little to remember of anyone—an anecdote, a conversation at a table. But every [Read More…]

Yes, I Have a New Book!

It’s time to Talk Taboo! I can not emphasize enough how excited I am about my new book coming out in October 2013, Taking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith. It’s been a long time coming – an anthology of young American Christian women finally getting to speak their minds about the issues [Read More…]

On Being “Punk’d” by God

It’s hard to describe to someone else what it feels like to get “punk’d” by God.  Well, God doesn’t actually punk people I am well aware. But truly, once in a while it can definitely feel that way. Thankfully thus far I’ve only really experienced it twice in my short life. And the last time [Read More…]