On Jesus Sightings Beyond the Jello

The morning of Easter Sunday I read Luke 24, the chapter that tells what happened on Resurrection Sunday.  I’ve been sitting with the text for a couple of days and I can’t help wondering if we should be expecting post-Resurrection appearances of Christ over the next few weeks? I want to imagine that the Risen [Read More…]

On Mouthing Off in Faith

I wonder how many of us believe in the power of our words, that what we speak aloud can have a profound effect on what occurs in our lives. I have heard variations of that all my life. My mom used to tell my siblings and I that what we say in life is what [Read More…]

On Being a Silly Naive Christian

Last week I wrote a piece for The Washington Post about having faith enough to believe that God can act against logic and what seems possible. (I unfortunately did not get to choose the final title of my piece) In this particular instance I was referring to older women having healthy children despite scientific probability [Read More…]