On Men Who Follow Directions

I have always loved the Epiphany story of the Three Wise Men found in the 2nd chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. And not just because it’s about men who follow directions and end up realizing that it was a really good idea. I love the story because it’s about people who have already “arrived” [Read More…]

On Crazy Love

The last movie I saw in 2012 was the film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. I didn’t plan it that way, for it to be the last movie of the year but it turned out to be fitting. It is a story about the triumph of love, not romantic love but crazy love, the [Read More…]

On the Size of Holy Imaginations

Though journeying together is rich and powerful in its ability to sustain us in faith, belief and hope. there is something to be said about discerning whom we invite to walk alongside us. In this season of Advent, Mary and Elizabeth are fitting for each other because they truly believe in God’s ability to move [Read More…]