Humanitarian Help and Joining a Church: Quid Pro Quo?

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent socieites pioneered codes of conduct for humanitarian work.

When do missionary groups not just help people, but proselytize them? Is there a fuzzy line between the two? Part Two of Two of our interview with Claude d’Estrée, head of the Human Traffficking Clinic and Buddhist chaplain at the University of Denver. [Read more...]

How Buddhist Nuns Fight Human Trafficking in Nepal

DhammaMoli, with the Venerable DhammaVijaya and the Venerable Molini, front

An interview with the Venerable DhammaVijaya, one of two Buddhist nuns who have independently set up DhammaMoli, a Theravadan community in Nepal for girls at risk of being trafficked. It’s a unique story — and one that could change the debate about American anti-trafficking efforts. [Read more...]