Gay NZ Man Takes Church to Court for Refusing to Ordain Him

We all knew this was coming. In this report a gay man in a partnered relationship in New Zealand is taking the Anglican Bishop of Auckland to the Human Rights Tribunal for discrimination because the diocese will not ordain him to the priesthood. Ironically, the Anglican Church of NZ is very likely to ordain open and practicing homosexual persons in the next few years (well, probably). Ironically, some people want to insist on separation of church and state to stop the church meddling in public affairs, but they will be quick to force churches to conform to state sanctioned ethics when it suits them. Maybe I’m a pessimist, but I do think that this is exactly what is going to happen more  often in the future. And eventually some government is going to cave in and set a legal precedent for it. So how do you conform churches to marry, confirm, ordain, and license people that it does not want to?

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  • Emma Halington

    There seems to be a tint of homophobia in this article. I hope that the author isn’t a bigot.

    • Daniel Fiester

      It is not bigoted to disagree with someone’s behavior. It is a question of ethics, not prejudice. I disagree with the behavior of a porn addict. That does not mean that I hate porn addicts. It means that I have a different moral standard than a porn addict.

    • MarcAlcan

      There is no homophobia in the article. It is a very well written article.

      It is typical of the gay mob to label anyone who questions the rightness of homosexuality and the homosexual act as homophobe and bigots. That is nothing more than bullying.

      But we know your tactics and that is nothing more than bullying tactic.

      Everyone with common sense will know that to call a spade the shovel that it is, is not bigotry but simple truth telling. But then if you are afraid of the truth……

  • Patrick

    It is discrimination. We wouldn’t ordain a Muslim as a preacher at my church either, also discrimination.

  • Quentin Smith

    if the gay Man was a true Christian he would understand the bible standards. It seems to me that the man is just wanting the title and to hell with the standards that Jesus taught us and the word of GOD teaches us. We are to conform to the word of of God, not that of the world.
    It appears to me that too many people are after what they want and to hell with others, I like to see a gay person became a cleric in the Muslim Faith they most probably end up dead or worse.