The Fight for the Trinity: The New Logos Series

Over at the LAB, you can find a short promo video featuring myself about the Trinity War that took place among evangelicals about this time last year!

This is part of Logos Mobile’s mini-documentary/short course on the Trinity that explains what the debate what was about, what was at stake, and what has happened as a result.

My advice, watch the video, then order it, and get 40% off!!!

You won’t be disappointed. The video features some big hitters like Wayne Grudem, Bruce Ware, Millard Erickson, Fred Sanders, and Scott Harrower. This is the big players themselves explaining in their own words what they believe about the Trinity and what they were trying to prove.

This is a great teaching resource for any pastor, professor, or teacher who wants to let students know what is going on in Trinity discussions among evangelicals these days.

If there was an Oscar category for documentaries on theological debates, this would take home the prize!

PS. People who from Massachusetts might be offended by my video, so only watch if you have a thick skin!


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