On Colossae

Colossae is one of the few New Testament sites in Turkey that has yet to be excavated. While there have been plans in the works to excavate the site for quite some time (notably  Dr. Michael Trainor of Flanders University in Australia), at this point no work has been undertaken. Currently its acropolis is a [Read More…]

Value of a Study Tour in the Bible Lands? . . . Much in Every Way!

We are at the halfway point of our study tour, having yesterday wrapped up our touring in Greece. Today is a travel day and tomorrow we are taking a day to play on the island of Samos before we sail for Turkey. I think a reflection on its value is appropriate. [Read more…]

Athens and Corinth

We’ve been on our Greco-Roman World trip now for three days and have seen some amazing things. There’s something almost  magical about teaching the Bible in the setting where the stories took place. Our first day in Athens for example we taught on Paul’s sermon in Athens recounted in Acts 17 while standing on the [Read More…]

Study Tour to Greece and Turkey

This Saturday I am off on a 12-day study tour to Greece and Turkey with 17 North Park students. The study tour is a course called the “Greco-Roman world of Paul and John”.  Dr. Justin Hardin from Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, one of my best friends, will be helping me teach it. This will be [Read More…]