Calvinism and Catholicity

Todd Billings has a cool piece on The Promise of Catholic Calvinism. I can relate to this. I remember one time saying something in class about the Trinity and afterwards a student came up to me rather concerned and asked: “I didn’t think we believed all that Catholic stuff like the Trinity?” I was aghast [Read More…]

Roger Olson on “Reforming the Reformed”

Over at CT, Rodger Olson has a short review of Ken Stewart’s book Ten Myths About Calvinism. ¬†According to Olson: Stewart chides major personalities of the current Calvinist upsurge for thinking as though it “appeared Melchizedek-like, ‘without genealogy.’?” He names two heroes of the mostly 20-something crowd of new Calvinists, John Piper and Mark Driscoll, [Read More…]