Bono Hitchhiking in Vancouver

I was in an airport over the weekend and saw the story about Bono hitchhiking. Did you happen to catch the story? Pretty amazing! Edmonton Oiler Gilbert Brule and his girlfriend stopped to pick up two wayward hitchhikers in Vancouver. It just so happened that one of the guys holding out his thumb was none [Read More…]

A Poor Man’s Vacation, Ain’t So Bad

Do you have a poor man’s vacation story? One of the benefits of having a wife who works for an airline is the blessing of easy air travel. Before the kids we regularly traveled. As the kidos get older we are now beginning to see that we can travel with them. It takes a great [Read More…]

Best Statue in Turkey

What do you think is a good name for this statue? It sets in front of the museum in Aphrodisias Turkey. Photo by: Anne Heaps [Read more…]