Peter Oakes on the Curse of the Cross

I just received Peter Oakes’ Galatians commentary (Paideia) which is a neat read. Its got some great stuff in it, esp. on historical backgrounds, and sociology. Here is a good Easter-esque quote for Good Friday from Oakes: Galatians 3:13 represents a radical Christian theological appropriation of the general social phenomenon of the cursed criminal. Christ fulfills [Read More...]

Consider Preaching the Psalms at Easter!

How did the early preach about Jesus if they did not have a New Testament? The obvious answer is that they must have preached from the Old Testament! Of course, it wasn’t ‘old’ to them, it was the only Scripture they knew, the Law, the Prophets, and Writings were God’s Word to Israel. Even so, [Read More...]

Why Jesus Died on the Cross (Rejoinder)

This article is part of our new Head to Head debate feature. This week, in concert with our Engaging Easter coverage, Joel and I are engaging the Progressive Channel’s Mark Sandlin on “Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross?” Sandlin has given his answer to the question where he talks about what Jesus’ death doesn’t do (atonement) and then concentrates on what [Read More...]

Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

Photo: RYGER / This article is part of our new Head to Head debate feature. This week, in concert with our Engaging Easter coverage, I will be debating the Progressive Christian Channel’s Mark Sandlin of “The God Article”. The question: What did Jesus’ death on the cross actually DO? Here is my opening post! [Read More...]

A Prison Chaplain’s Advice to Parents

I’m proud to say that my Ph.D student, Brian J. Wright, has an article on TGC on A Prison Pastor’s Advice for Parents. It includes stories from a White Supremacist, a Native American Gangster, and a Black Drug Dealer. Plus some sobering advice for parents. A great read! [Read more...]

The essential nature of the church as both the circumcised and uncircumcised

One of my many “novel” interpretations of the letter of Galatians as I work on the text for my commentary is to take Paul’s statement about the “truth of the Gospel” (2:5; 2:14) to name the essential nature of the church as comprised of both circumcised and uncircumcised. In both cases where the phrase is found, Paul is [Read More...]

Chris Tilling Reviews N.T. Wright’s Big Paul Book

Over at Anvil, Chris Tilling reviews Paul and the Faithfulness of God, see here. He concludes: Only a few scholars have ever had Wright’s learning or brilliance, something most of us cannot pretend to imitate. At the very least he models an energy and determination to find Paul that the wider scholarly community should attempt to replicate. [Read More...]

David deSilva’s Lebanon Lecture on Revelation

Recently David A deSilva’s Introduction to the New Testament (IVP) was translated into Arabic. To celebrate this project, David gave a lecture at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary on the Book of Revelation. It’s a great talk, listen to it below: [Read more...]