Imperator Caesar Augustus Divi Filius


Over the Christmas and New Year’s break I began reading for pleasure, and to expand my knowledge, the recent biography on Augustus by Adrian Goldsworthy: Augustus: First Emperor of Rome. It is well written; and while Ancient historians will be in a much better position to judge Goldsworthy’s scholarship, the work open up a fresh [Read More...]

The Gospel of Mark and Chalcedon

The other day I was reading through an old article by M. Eugene Boring on Markan Christology, and came across this quote: The explicit use of God-language for Jesus by later NT authors and the classical creeds is in continuity with the Christology already present in Mark. To state the matter somewhat provocatively: John, Nicea, [Read More...]

Engaging Josh Jipp’s Christ is King, Chapter 5: King and Justice

In this post, I engage with Josh’s final chapter in his recent book Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology: “King and Justice: God’s Righteousness and the Righteous King in Romans.” Interacting with Josh’s carefully argued and evidenced-filled chapters has been rigorously instructive and thoroughly enjoyable. I want to thank Josh again for taking the time to [Read More...]

Bird & Ehrman at Greer-Heard Forum in Nawleans

In just under a month, the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum will be happening  on the topic, How Did Jesus Become God? Speakers include Larry Hurtado, Simon Gathercole, and Michael Bird plus Bart Ehrman, Dale Martin, and Jennifer Knust. 12-13 Feb, at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. If you live south of the Mason Dixie line, then [Read More...]

Summary of Mark’s Divine Christology

Okay, how is this for a summary of Mark’s Christology: The Marcan Jesus participates in the kyricentricity of Israel’s God. He is identified as a pre-existent heavenly figure who has come to earth, who carries divine authority, who embodies royal and priestly roles; and in his person, words, and deeds he manifests the holy presence, [Read More...]

Christian Mingle Inspector

Okay this is totes awesome funny: [Read more...]

TED Winner Archaeologist Sarah Parcak on Stephen Colbert

When I grow up, I want to be an archaeologist! [Read more...]

How To Do an Oral Defense of Your Ph.D Thesis

Excellent stuff from Studio C. [Read more...]