Logos Interview about Evangelical Theology

I was interviewed by Logos Academic about Evangelical Theology, read it here. Also includes a coupon for a discount code to buy the book through Logos. [Read more...]

Zondervan Biblical Studies eBook Bargain Sale

Zondervan has a great bargain sale for great ebooks on biblical studies going for only $3.99. See the link here. Books like: Kevin Vanhoozer, Is There A Meaning in This Text? Scot McKnight, Blue Parakeet. Al Mohler et al, Five Views on Inerrancy. Fee/Stuart, How To Read the Bible For Al its Worth. And more goodies [Read More...]

A Baptist View of Gaza

Over at the website Come and See, is a great post by Yohanna Katanacho on A Palestinian Baptist in the bombarded Gaza shares his thoughts and prayer requests. Do read it. Interestingly, Shadi is not harboring anger and revenge. He is part of a church that has a martyr who was murdered by Muslim extremists, and [Read More...]

Book Notice: New Atheism: A Survival Guide

Graham Veale New Atheism: A Survival Guide Fearn, Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2013. Available at Amazon.com This is a good little book on the New Atheists written by an Irish Presbyterian high school teacher. Veale also has a website called saintsandsceptics.org with various apologetics resources including articles and videos. Veale notes how atheism has been spurned [Read More...]

Con Campbell’s Evangelical Greek

Con Campbell (TEDS) is a very naughty boy as he’s done a parody video about my Evangelical Theology. Evidently I’ll have to do my own parody video on Verbal Aspect and Jazz! [Read more...]

Writing a Romans Commentary: An Interim Report

I’m just now half way through writing my Romans commentary for the SOGBC series. I plan to finish it by October/November. Let me say that it is jolly hard work. Romans is, after all, the magnum opus of the Pauline corpus, with disputed purposes, some curious text-critical problems, a plethora of exegetical problems, covering wide [Read More...]

How God Became Jesus Excerpt and a Review by Fulcrum

Over at Christianity.com is an excerpt of HGBJ. Also, there is a nice review of the book by Bowman Walton over at Fulcrum called Bauckham’s Line – A Review of “How God Became Jesus”. He writes: Bird and his co-authors ground their case for “Yes” mostly in Bauckham’s “line that monotheism must draw between the Creator and [Read More...]

A Response to Same-Sex Unions by Ian Paul

A good little booklet in the Groves series about Same Sex Unions has been put together by Ian Paul which is worth checking out. See here. The debate about same-sex unions continues to dominate the media. Within discussion, it is often assumed either that the biblical texts have little to contribute, or that, rightly understood, [Read More...]